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What to Know Before Buying an iPhone Battery Case

If you're considering buying an iPhone case with a built-in battery, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Avoiding Ransomware Is Not That Hard

Ransomware has been labelled as the biggest threat in information security today, and while there are more variants and a lot more attempts to get it onto systems than ever, some basic hygiene goes a long way towards preventing it...

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Personal Jetpacks: Is This the Future of Transportation?

Engineers at JetPack Aviation say they have finally constructed the first true jetpack: A machine powerful enough to propel a human into the air long enough to cover their commute. But will this mode of transportation become a reality?...

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Watch Six of the Coolest Surgical Robots in Action

Today’s surgical robots extend a surgeon’s capacities; they filter out hand tremors and allow maneuvers that even the best surgeon couldn’t pull off with laparoscopic surgery’s typical long-handled tools. But tomorrow's robot surgeons will take over the operating room. ...

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Why the iPhone Needs to Be Smarter

As Google, Facebook and Amazon add intelligence to their services and apps for the iPhone, many of Apple's own core offerings end up in that Extras folder. WSJ's Joanna Stern discusses her wishes for an inherently deeper-thinking iPhone. ...

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Brent Rose tries out a new “Mixed Reality” software developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. The software allows virtual elements to be merged with the user’s actual environment, creating a world in which real and virtual objects can interact. Brent...

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iSwitched: Why I Left Android

For the past few months, Ron used the Galaxy Note 5 as his daily driver. However, he made the switch back to Apple's iPhone. Find out why. ...

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iPhone SE and iPad Pro: 5 Things Apple Didn't Tell You

Apple's new iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro are both great devices, but they come with a few caveats. Here's what Apple didn't tell you. ...

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