Wednesday, February 20
Water on the Moon: It's Been There All Along - University of Michigan
New Projections Indicate Uneven Global Sea Level Rise - Science Codex
Seals Sleep with Only Half Their Brain at a Time - University of Toronto
How the Whale Got Its Teeth - Science Daily
Tuesday, February 19
A Solution to Sinusitis from a Sea Bacterium? - Newcastle University
Microbes Boost Plants' Stress Tolerance - Penn State University
Why this 'Drop of Ink' in the Luminous Night Sky? - Euro. Southern Obs.
We May Need to Remove CO2 from Atmosphere - Stanford University
Monday, February 18
Does Our Universe Reside within a Larger Universe? - Indiana Univ.
Forget Leprechauns. Engineers Catch Rainbows - University of Buffalo
Iron-Based Molecule Splits Hydrogen to Make Electricity - PNNL
Mice Engineered to Feel Heat, But Not Cold - Univ. of Southern California
Friday, February 15
Online Trolls Take Toll on Perception of Science - University of Wisconsin
Dogs Can Pick Out the Faces of Other Dogs - Springer
Fermi Proves Supernova Remnants Produce Cosmic Rays - NASA
Unlocking the Mystery Behind Saturn's Moonlets - Loughborough Univ.
Thursday, February 14
Urban Lights Cause Early Sexual Maturation in Birds - Max Planck Instit.
Vitamin C Prevents Colds for Those Under Heavy Stress - Red Orbit
Middle East River Basin Losing Water - University of California-Irvine
Topological Insulator Could Create 'Superfast' Materials - Univ. of Utah
Wednesday, February 13
62-Year-Old Bird Hatches Another Chick - U.S. Geological Survey
Neuroprosthesis Allows Rats to 'Touch' Infrared Light - Science Codex
New System Improves GPS by 90 Percent - Univ. Carlos III de Madrid
Building Amazing Structures with Nanotubes - Brigham Young University
Tuesday, February 12
What's Killing All of Vienna's Blackbirds? - University of Vienna
Stomach Bug May Have Sweet Side - Medical Xpress
A New Method to Peer Straight into Living Cells - R&D Magazine
One-Two Punch Strategy Against Bacteria and Cancer - Rice University
Monday, February 11
Antarctica's Don Juan Pond Is Saltiest on Earth - Brown University
Supernova: Small Outburst Precedes the Blast - Weizmann Instit. of Sci.
Immune Cells 'Remember' Germs They've Never Seen - Stanford Univ.
How Zinc Shortens Length of Colds Explained? - Ohio State University

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