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Amazon's refresh of its 2012 Kindle Paperwhite e-reader brings a faster, 1GHz processor while retaining the same 2GB of internal memory and 212 pixel-per-inch 6-inch display as its predecessor. It boasts an improved reading light for a more even illumination, increased contrast and a screen that doesn't refresh as frequently (so there's less blinking). Among some of the new software tweaks is Goodreads... View Reviews »
Kobo's Aura e-reader is a slight step-down from the company's higher-end Aura HD. The Aura slims down from a 7-inch to a 6-inch display with a built-in reading light (dubbed ComfortLight) and a resolution of 1014 x 758 (221-ppi). The Aura features a 1GHz processor, 4GB of built-in memory (plus a microSD card slot) and a battery life rated for up to two months, depending on usage. The Aura supports 11... View Reviews »
The dedicated e-reader market is struggling as more and more of our e-book reading shifts to tablets. Kobo's Aura HD is an attempt to steal back some of these tablet readers by giving them a super high-resolution 1440 x 1080 e-ink display whose 265 dots per inch (dpi) surpasses both the Kindle Paperwhite (212 dpi) and Nook Simple Touch (167 dpi). In addition to the high-res screen, the Aura HD is larger,... View Reviews »
While Kobo was late to the glowing e-reader party, it appears to have been worth the wait. The Kobo Glo is a 6-inch, Wi-Fi enabled e-reader with a 1024 x 768 touch screen, e-ink display. It uses the company's ComfortLight technology to illuminate the display for reading in the dark. The $129 Glo offers 2GB of built-in memory with a microSD card slot on hand to expand capacity as your library grows. Kobo... View Reviews »
Amazon wasn't the first e-reader maker to integrate a reading light into its product (that distinction goes to Barnes and Noble) but the Kindle Paperwhite is certainly winning high marks nonetheless. The Paperwhite offers a new display that offers adjustable brightness and greater power efficiency (Amazon claims you can enjoy up to eight weeks on a single charge). If you're concerned about remaining... View Reviews »
Seeking to ease the pain of those whose bedtime reading is keeping their spouses awake, Barnes & Noble's Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight delivers built-in illumination for its 6-inch E-Ink touch screen display (600 x 800). The GlowLight is adjustable, so you can tweak the display according to ambient light levels. At under seven ounces, it's lightweight and offers a battery life of one month (based on... View Reviews »
Sony's PRS-T2 e-book reader faces stiff competition - both from tablets and from rival e-book readers from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This light weight reader (just six ounces) boasts a 6-inch touch screen, e-Ink display, Wi-Fi and a built-in stylus. The T2 is integrated with Facebook and Evernote, for social networking buffs, along with two English language and four foreign language translation... View Reviews »

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