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We'll say this for the Toshiba Kirabook: it certainly got people's attention. The $1,599 Ultrabook boasts a 13.3-inch  display with 221 pixels per inch (2560 x 1440) -- the highest, to date, of any Windows 8-based laptops. You'll also find 8GB of RAM, an Intel Core i5 processor and a 256GB SSD.

The Kirabook's base model does not include a touch screen. For that, you'll pay $1,799 or $1,999 for touch plus a Core i7 processor. The 2.66lbs Kirabook also offers an SD card slot, HD webcam, an HDMI output, a USB 3.0 port with sleep and charge and two standard USB 3.0 ports.

For all its spec-ed out glory, the Kirabook didn't win over reviewers. It lost points for noisy operation, poor viewing angles and a top lid that bent just a bit too much for comfort. These flaws, on their own, aren't damning but the steep price tag made the Kirabook that much more of a stretch for reviewers to recommend. Plus, a new line of Intel Haswell-based laptops are due in the summer of 2013 (and beyond) which promise better performance and battery life.

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The Screen Is Too Good
The Kirabook's real problem is one of timing. It's coming out just before Haswell chips are available, which promises better performance for a screen this high-res; it's also way ahead...
Don't Buy It - Yet
There's no question the Kirabook is Toshiba's best Ultrabook to date. But is it good enough to win over wary consumers? We're inclined to say no, at least at this price. For all the...
Too Pricey with Too Many Tradeoffs
The Kirabook is the most beautiful Ultrabook to pass through the PCWorld Labs, but its inability to drive a large external monitor at native resolution, a lid that flexes like a...
A Let Down for the Price
Toshiba's ambitious Kirabook has a screen that rivals Apple's MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and a price to match. It's a solid, useful laptop, but for these prices, the design...
It's Not a Good Value
While the Kirabook's hardware impresses, Windows software rarely makes proper use of its high-resolution display.
Good Product, Questionable Price and Poor Timing
So why isn't the KIRAbook a slam dunk? The biggest reason is actually the price, because a starting price of $1,599 forces the KIRAbook into a class it has a much harder time competing...
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