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Billed as Microsoft's "first computer," the Surface Pro blends a tablet and laptop into a single device. Unlike the Surface RT, the Surface Pro uses the full version of Windows 8 so any software apps you can run on your desktop can be run on the Surface Pro tablet's 10.6-inch screen (1920 x 1080).

As far as specs go, you're looking at an Intel i5 Ivy Bridge processor, Intel HD 4000 graphics, 4GB of memory, 64GB/128GB of SSD storage, two USB 3.0 ports, a microSD card slot, and two HD cameras.

Surface Pro pricing starts at $899 but to get the full hybrid experience, you'll need to pay an extra $130 to get the type cover.

Reviewers were mixed on the Surface Pro. Some hailed it as the future of computing, where all notebook screens detach to double as tablets. Most reviewers, however, felt the design simply didn't work. As a tablet, the Surface Pro was too heavy and had skimpy battery life. As a laptop, it was too cramped and didn't actually handle well in most mobile computing situations (aka when typing on your lap). Still, having the full Windows experience on a tablet is unique, and those who did recommend the Surface Pro thought it was the best hybrid to yet hit the market.

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This Design Doesn't Work
Surface Pro's major selling point over Surface RT is that it can run almost two decades worth of Windows apps. But those apps are almost universally mouse and keyboard apps, which...
You Can't Merge Ultrabooks and Tablets
If I were shopping for an Ultrabook and my budget allowed, I'd consider it. But used with the applications I tried, Surface Pro doesn't prove that one computing device can do...
A Compelling Hybrid
For all of its failures as a pure tablet, the Surface Pro is a compelling offering as an ultraportable/tablet hybrid.
Don't Call It a Tablet
It's the best of the hybrids. The quality of the hardware, the performance, and the simplicity of the design make it a success.
You'll End Up a Fan
Those wanting to go all-in on the tablet experience won't regret buying the Surface Pro, but we're holding out for a future, more polished generation of the device.
It's Not a Practical Device
Even a well-executed Surface still doesn't work for me, and I'd bet it doesn't work for most other people either. It's really tough to use on anything but a desk, and the wide, 16:9...
The Best Hybrid on the Market
If you're shopping for an Ultrabook today and want that tablet experience as well, Surface Pro really is the best and only choice on the market. If you do a lot of typing in your lap,...
The Hybrid Device Isn't Yet Perfected
Sadly Microsoft's second tablet doesn't have us reaching for our credit cards. Not quite yet.
It's Probably Not a Good Fit for You
For most computer and tablet needs, the Surface Pro isn't worth it. That said, it's the future.
Mostly Approve Mixed/Caveated
Mostly Disapprove

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