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While hardware vendors are always quick to tout specs, the smartphone wars are being won and lost on the software battlefield. BlackBerry's newest operating system, BlackBerry 10, suffers from its late start -- unlike Apple's iOS and Google's Android, BlackBerry doesn't yet have an extensive catalog of must-have apps (a problem that also bedevils Microsoft).

Despite this, BlackBerry has brought some novel features to its newest mobile OS. BlackBerry 10 is built around your eight most recently used apps and a universal inbox dubbed "Hub." There are no navigation buttons on this OS -- everything is controlled by directional swipes -- so you can speed your way into and out of various apps more easily (at least in theory). There's a new, virtual keyboard on board as well, which reviewers felt was well-executed. A new web browser, based on technology from Torch Mobile, is also present and reportedly delivers a speedy browsing experience.

Overall, though, reviewers had a mixed take on the BlackBerry 10 OS. While they praised its keyboard, browser and rich interface, the lack of apps was a major sticking point. Like the Z10 phone in which it is debuting, reviewers were convinced that BlackBerry fans would be pleased with the new OS, but avid iPhone or Android users won't find anything worth jumping ship over.

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A Step Forward, But Not Enough
As a replacement for older versions of BlackBerry OS, BB 10 is a huge step out of the dark ages of mobile OS design, but at this point it's hard to imagine that potential outshining...
Polish Look, Plenty of Kinks
BlackBerry lovers who can get past the rookie mistakes will find a polished-looking OS that's packed with interesting and useful features, but happy Android and iOS users won't find a...
Fluid But Incomplete
Once you get to grips with BlackBerry 10 you'll find it's a quick and fluid user experience. It just doesn't feel as complete an offering as iOS, Android or even Windows Phone.
A Valiant Effort
It's a valiant effort on their part, but the future hinges on how proactive they'll be in continuing development to make BB10 a complete OS from top to bottom.
Questions Linger
The first new BackBerry OS in years, BB 10 stays focused on messaging and multitasking, but it's unclear whether it will be able to match the competition on apps and games.
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