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Looking for d-SLR-like performance from a compact camera? Olympus' Pen series of interchangeable lens cameras have crammed many an advanced feature into ultra-slim camera designs. The latest in the series, the Pen E-PM2, continues the tradition with a 16-megapixel sensor, a 3-inch Live View touchscreen LCD display and HD video recording at 1080i.

Using the touchscreen you can select focus areas, choose from 23 scene modes or add up to 12 artistic filters to your photos. You'll enjoy 8 frames per second burst shooting and the ability to preview various image effects on the display before you shoot. It works with Olympus accessory lenses and comes bundled with a 14-42mm lens for $599.

This Pen had a tough time with reviewers, less because of its own faults but mostly because it was outshined by the slightly more expensive Pen Lite E-PL5, which adds a tilting display and additional controls for $100.

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It's Good, But There Are Better
The Olympus PEN Mini E-PM2 is a capable little interchangeable-lens camera with a Live Guide mode for photographic novices, but for just $100 more you can get a better PEN.
Olympus' E-PL5 Is the Better Choice
The main qualm we have with the E-PM2 is how closely aligned it is to the E-PL5. The latter has better build quality, is easier to operate thanks to its mode dial, and the tilt-angle...
A Lot of Bang for Your Buck
Olympus has once again produced an excellent camera in the shape of the PEN Mini. We can see this being a very popular proposition for first time CSC buyers, or perhaps those looking...
One of Olympus' Best Mirrorless Cameras
The new Olympus E-PM2 comes Highly Recommended as the smallest, simplest to use and most affordable alternative to Olympus' best mirrorless camera...
Great Shots, Not a Great Package
Leave the E-PM2 on the shelf; if you want to save money, pick up a high-end point-and-shoot like the Canon S110 or the Panasonic LX7.
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