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The Nike+FuelBand is a fitness tracker that allows you to measure your daily activity and goad yourself -- through the shaming power of data -- into being more active. The waterproof bracelet tracks your steps and syncs to a smartphone via Bluetooth to deliver data to the Nike+ app. Through the app you can set goals, compete with friends and get a clearer view of your daily activity.

The $149 FuelBand sports a small LED screen that can display settings as well, if you're moving too fast to stare into your phone.

The Nike+FuelBand was mostly well-received by reviewers, but most everyone advised serious atheletes and runners to look elsewhere, as the FuelBand seems designed to motivate the unmotivated.

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A Solid, One Trick Pony
The Nike band is polished and professional, it has that awesome screen and the wireless Bluetooth syncing is the way to go. This pony performs its trick brilliantly, but it's still...
New York
Nike FuelBand Not For Serious Athletes
Armed with a few tricks, the Nike FuelBand can be very effective as a motivator for casual exercise, but its limitations will leave serious athletes disappointed.
Friendly Reminder to Stop Being Lazy
If you're interested in becoming somewhat healthy in the future, if you're looking for a wee bit more motivation to workout, or if you just want to be an active person, you should buy...
Not For Serious Weight Trackers
For users looking for an activity-tracking wristband that tells you when and how much you moved throughout the day, the Nike+ FuelBand may work. But for serious weight-trackers or...
All Things
Works As Advertised, But Pricey
The Nike+ FuelBand is a well-designed, but pricey device that keeps track of your daily physical activity.
Great Software and Comfortable Hardware
Athletes and serious runners will easily be the most interested in this product, thanks to the host of products Nike is busy introducing to the Nike+ line up as well as their...
Mostly Approve Mixed/Caveated
Mostly Disapprove

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