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With the Roku Streaming Stick, Roku has condensed its popular media playing box into a small USB stick that can be plugged into a TV (provided it has a USB port) to access a range of streaming video services.

The Streaming Stick supports 1080p HD video streaming, offers built-in Wi-Fi and draws power directly from the TV -- no external power cords required. It can tap into the full content library that the traditional Roku boxes have access to (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) and is controlled with a Roku remote. The stick costs $99, but there's a fairly large catch: only TVs with USB ports that support MHL will be able to work with the Roku Streaming Stick. To date, that's a fairly limited selection (Roku lists two TV vendors and one projector on its site, as of this writing, that support MHL).

Given this limitation, and the cheaper, more universally compatible alternatives from Roku, reviewers weren't all that enthusiastic about the stick. It works well if your TV happens to have MHL-enabled USB ports, but that's a very small audience indeed.

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A Very Niche Product
The Roku Streaming Stick successfully compresses the experience of a Web video box into a tiny, convenient device, but it comes with a lot of "ifs."
All Things
Good Functions, Narrow Appeal
While the number of devices that support it will probably grow, the Roku Streaming Stick is still a niche item when compared with every other Roku device.
A Tough Sell for Most of Us
The tiny Roku Stick can turn your HDTV into a connected media hub without taking up any shelf space, but its finicky requirements keep it from being useful to all but a handful of...
If You Have the Right TV, It's Very Neat
Compact, easy to install, and not outrageously expensive, the Roku Streaming Stick delivers great HD Internet media that you can control with your TV's remote-but only works well with...
Mostly Approve Mixed/Caveated
Mostly Disapprove

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