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Nikon's D600 brings "full frame" photography down into a price point (roughly $2,000) that was unheard of just a few years ago. For the uninitiated, a full frame digital SLR offers an image sensor sized like 35mm film (bigger sensor = more light = better images). It's the kind of camera professionals demand and Nikon has brought that quality down to a price that some consumers may find appealing.

The 24-megapixel D600 boasts HD video recording at 1080p, 5.5 frames per second burst shooting and an ISO range up to 25,600. It works with the large family of Nikkor lenses for both full frame and APS-C sized d-SLRs.

Reviewers were uniformally high on the D600, lauding its size, design, image quality and performance. If you have the means, it should top your list for high-end camera of choice.

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A Solid Full Frame Shooter
There's a lot to like in the Nikon D600. In fact, really, there are very few areas in which it can be legitimately criticized given its market position and price point.
Digital Photography
A No-Compromise Camera
Sometimes, bigger, better and faster comes with a compromise, but in this case, the D600 delivers - and does so at an extremely reasonable price.
Few Gripes
We had very few gripes with Nikon's D600. It's not on par with the more expensive D800, but it's a great bargain.
Great Full Frame on the (Sorta) Cheap
The Nikon D600 is a really good camera for the money, as long as you're willing to shell out for the lenses that can do it justice.
A Full Frame for the Masses
The superb sensor, extensive yet accessible features and compactness make the Nikon D600 an exceptionally user-friendly full-frame.
Exactly What People Need
This camera's so good, we'd even say that a lot of people who would otherwise shell out for the D800 or 5D Mark III might consider the D600 instead. It's really more than just a...
Great Value
This fence-straddling consumer-meets-pro DSLR is a cracker that offers great value for money. Clever, Nikon, very clever. You'll want to pat the D600 on its camera-y head too.
Great Camera, But Lacks Some Features
The Nikon D600 is essentially a D7000 with an FX sensor, but lacks some of the extra features found in the Canon EOS 6D.
Best Feature? The Price!
Let's be honest, the best feature is still that tiny price tag. The D600 retails for only $2,099, going head-to-head with the Canon 6D in the newly-formed "affordable" full-frame...
Digital Camera
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