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Dell's XPS 12 is one of the few early Windows 8 "convertibles" to win mostly across-the-board praise. It looks like your average Ultrabook, but with a "convertible" touch screen display that can be flipped over, allowing you to use the Windows 8 device as a tablet as well.

The $1,199 base unit delivers an Intel Core i5 processor (up to 2.6GHz), a 12.5-inch, 1080p touch screen display, 4GB of RAM, a 128GB solid state drive and Intel HD 4000 graphics. It weighs in at 3.35 pounds and provides two USB 3.0 ports (but no HDMI output).

Reviewers were almost uniformally positive on the XPS 12's Ultrabook features -- it earned high marks for performance, its high-res display and design. The XPS 12 fared less well as a tablet, however. It's too big and bulkly to offer a "lean back" media consumption experience. Still, among the early crop of Windows 8 computers to offer a touch screen and the dual laptop/tablet design, the XPS 12 ranks among the top of the pack.


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Better Laptop Than Tablet
Dell has revamped its rotating Duo laptop concept into the much-improved XPS 12, but like most convertibles, it makes a better laptop than tablet. It's hard to justify spending $1,699...
The Convertible to Beat
Mediocre battery life is our primary criticism, but if you can look past that the XPS 12 is the most convincing Windows 8 laptop we've gotten our hands on.
Great Ultrabook, So-So Tablet
The Dell XPS 12 is one of the most powerful Ultrabooks you'll find. It might be heavy and awkward as a tablet, but when you consider the value that's on offer, with the blistering...
A Solid Start for Windows 8 Convertibles
Though the XPS 12's size and weight make it a bit unwieldy as a substitute tablet, it's still a compelling option if you're in the market for a high-end, touch-enabled Ultrabook.
Great Screen, Great Ultrabook, But About the Tablet Function...
The Dell XPS 12 is a lovely laptop, and it does quite nicely as a portable multimedia machine. With a quality keyboard, you can type away, then flip it into stand or tablet modes and...
It's a Niche, If You Need It
What you think about the XPS 12 will depend upon what you think about needing a single device to do double-duty as a tablet and a traditional PC. If you need that type of device, and...
A Clever Convertible
Clever engineering makes the Dell XPS 12 a slick fusion of Windows 8 tablet and notebook form factors. The downsides -- a hefty price tag and the lack of Ethernet jack and disk...
Dell Got It Right
Dell has done a fantastic job trying to accommodate the needs of both ultrabook fans and tablet adopters. Put simply, devices like the XPS 12 erase the need to tote around more than...
Dell Nails It
The XPS 12 absolutely nails the fundamentals of display, endurance, and interface. We would be eager to recommend this device even if it were only an Ultrabook. The ability to turn it...
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