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The Nook HD+ is a slightly larger version of Barnes & Noble's 7-inch Nook HD tablet. It boasts a 1080p HD display with 256 pixels per inch, a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and weighs in at 18 ounces. Barnes & Noble says you'll enjoy 10 hours worth of battery life while reading and nine hours for watching videos. The Nook HD+ comes in 16GB ($269) and 32GB ($299) versions and includes an SD card slot of adding extra storage.

The Nook HD+ runs the same skinned version of Android as the Nook HD. It permits up to six profiles so every member of the family can get a personalized experience. It taps into Barnes & Nobles content library of magazines, books, movies and music.

Reviews of the Nook HD+ were mostly on the positive side of the ledger. Thanks to its low price, it's a good value compared with other 9-inch tablets and delivers a great book/catalog reading experience but it did lose points for its meager selection of third party apps and movie content.


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Lacking in Media but a Good Bargain
Those looking to take advantage of a huge media library will be disappointed but magazines and catalogs are done better here than on any other tablet, and the Nook HD+'s book support...
Big Screen, Big Value
At $269 for the 16 GB model (I tested the $299 32 GB option), Barnes and Noble's Nook HD+ is one of the most affordable large-screen tablets on the market -- that price even includes...
Not Quite on Par
Barnes & Noble's Nook HD+ is an impressive $269 (16GB, direct) tablet. But a great 9-inch tablet experience is as much about content as it is about hardware, and that's where the...
A Great Reader
With a beautiful screen, interactive books / magazines and strong parental controls, Barnes & Noble's Nook HD+ provides a superior tablet reading experience.
A Step Back
The Nook HD+ is heavy and cumbersome. One of the main drawbacks is the inability to load in your own apps. You won't be able to find anything that directly competes with Barnes and...
Best Value But There Are Limits
This tablet enters a crowded field, and yet it manages to deliver terrific value. However, the Nook HD+'s more limited app selection compared with the competition remains a sticking...
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