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Lost, a bit, among the hype for the new Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems has been the birth of Windows RT. This operating system is designed to look much like Windows 8, but is optimized for tablets and other low powered devices using ARM processor (as opposed to more robust Intel processors).

As such, Windows RT runs specialized versions of several Microsoft software titles, like Office, in addition to accessing the Windows Apps store. RT made its debut on Microsoft's own Surface tablet and will also come as the operating system dejure on tablets from several other manufacturers as well.

Given its somewhat hybrid nature, reviewers mostly greeted RT with confusion. While some embraced the idea of a specialized OS for ARM devices, others argued that it was "half-baked" and not all that user-friendly. Any eco-system is going to rise and fall not simply on the user interface (which, in the case of Windows 8, most reviewers approve of) but on the depth of the apps catalog. Here Microsoft falls well short of the more established Android and Apple iOS.


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A Strange Beast
Windows RT is a strange beast. On the one hand, speed, security, and the best of Windows 8 make RT a pleasure to use. But app restrictions make Windows RT confusing, and the limited...
A Real Innovation
So this is a tablet platform that can do a good job of replacing both an iPad and an ultraportable in a number of different workflows. You get the best of both worlds, in some sense -...
Xbox Integration a Big Plus
I think if you're a student or part of an Xbox 360 family, then the Windows RT-type tablets will be great. But there is a somewhat steep learning curve.
Is There a Place for RT?
With these constraints and limitations, it's hard to see who exactly Windows RT is for. I acknowledge that there are certainly some users who will be content to use the browser, mail...
A Bit Slow But Intuitive
This is the next step in the evolution of Windows and although it feels cozy, simple and clean, it also feels half baked.
A Mess
What I consider to be the worst element of the Surface RT is not something I was expecting. It's not the ‘Modern UI' that's the problem, I have no issue with scrolling between...
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