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Are you a TV junkie with a DVR brimming with programs? The Slingbox 350 can liberate those programs for viewing on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) away from home. It's not just DVR content, but live TV too. If there's a can't-miss game and you're away from home, the Slingbox will let you view your live TV lineup right on your phone by streaming that program over the Internet.

The $179 Slingbox 350 is an upgrade (four years in the making) from an earlier iteration. It adds 1080p HD streaming (mobile devices will receive a 720p stream) and a streamlined set up process. Slingbox also cut down the price of its mobile app - from $29.99 to $14.99 - which is required for mobile viewing on smartphones and tablets (laptop or computer viewing is free).

Reviewers were enthusiastic about the Slingbox, calling it a much more elegant solution for TV viewing than the apps provided by cable companies (which often limit mobile viewing to devices on home networks).

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Easy Way to Stream Your TV Content
The Slingbox 350 is an excellent way to watch your TV or DVR video content anywhere, however you'll pay out for smartphone apps and this model lacks Wi-Fi.
A Good Premise
The 350 is a good product, and the premise of a Slingbox is really enjoyable. If you're a current user, no need to upgrade.
An Upgrade That Still Leaves Us Wanting
There's a lot You can still stream just one program at a time, and they still connect to the DVR over a slow, one-way IR connection. That means the Slingbox still can't ask the DVR...
A Great Product for Cable... But What About the Web?
If you spend most of your time watching cable TV and love to program your DVR, the device is great. But it does miss out on Internet services, like Netflix.
Ready for Place-shifting?
The Slingbox 350 especially, with its $180 price tag and no-brainer setup, could entice newcomers to place shifting.
Still the Best for TV Shifting
A Slingbox is still the best way to watch it when I'm not at home-or even when I just happen to be in another room.
Mostly Approve Mixed/Caveated
Mostly Disapprove

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