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For several years, smartphones have been eating sales of traditional digital cameras. That comes as no surprise to avid smartphone photographers: the quality has improved dramatically and the ease with which smartphone photos can be shared (on social networks, via email, etc.) has proved so compelling. Samsung's Galaxy Camera is a clever attempt to meld the best features of a smartphone (the 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, apps and interface) with the best features of a digital camera (larger, higher-resolution sensor, better lens, image controls).

The result is a hybrid camera that runs the full Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), connects to AT&T's 4G network (for a monthly $10 - optional), has Wi-Fi and a 4.8-inch touch screen. It features a 21x optical zoom lens, a 16-megapixel image sensor, and numerous scene modes to appeal to the photographic set.

So, did Samsung successfully smush a smartphone and camera into one? Not quite. At $500, the Galaxy Camera is far more expensive than a traditional camera with similar specs. Reviewers weren't thrilled with the image quality but were very intrigued by the concept and loved the Android UI for shooting. It seems that Samsung is onto something here, but it's not clear whether the demand will be there for a follow-up.

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A So-So Camera, But an Interesting Direction
Is the Galaxy Camera a game-changer? Yes, and no. Judged purely on its photography abilities it struggles, falling short of what similarly-priced rivals can produce while costing...
A Big Win for Samsung
The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a big win for Samsung, bringing a great mix of what their cameras without Android are able to bring to the party with all of the greatness of their Galaxy...
Mediocre as a Camera, But Fun to Use
The fact that we're paying so much money to dupe expensive components already used in smartphones, and that we'd have to spend at least $10 per month extra to get a basic data plan and...
An Interesting Hybrid
Outside of its relatively high cost of ownership and average point-and-shoot picture quality, the Samsung Galaxy Camera definitely delivers the shoot-and-share experience of a...
Good Camera, But Don't You Already Have One?
Galaxy Camera is a better shooter than the smartphone in your pocket, and having wireless is a major convenience. But not everyone will want to spend the extra loot for apps and...
Good Idea - Not Yet Fleshed Out
Almost every idea that Samsung has tried here is not only good but works exactly as you'd expect it to. The only issue with the software is there's too much of it. I can't imagine a...
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