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Microsoft's (potentially) last-ditch effort to carve out space for Windows Phone among a smartphone universe dominated by Apple and Android, comes down to several flagship phones, one of them being HTC's 8x.

You're looking at a 4.3-inch HD display, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, NFC, and a Qualcomm S4 1.5GHz dual-core processor. The main camera boasts an 8-megapixel sensor for stills and 1080p HD video recording and the lens, interestingly, is 28mm - providing a wider-angle than most other smartphone camera lenses. The front-facing camera offers 2-megapixel resolution for video calls. It includes Beats Audio for enhanced sound quality.

As far as hardware and design, reviewers were quite pleased with the 8X. It was Windows Phone 8 that came in for a beating. Some reviewers don't believe the operating system boasts the features to really compete with Android or iOS and all of them bemoaned the lack of apps - a product of Microsoft's small market share (and something the company has promised to aggressively address). 

Ultimately, the 8X is either a gamble that the apps will come or a statement of defiance in the face of the Android/iOS duopoly.

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Great Hardware, But Win Phone Needs to Catch Up
If you're in the market for a new smartphone and Windows Phone is your first must-have, HTC 8X should undoubtedly be your first choice of hardware.
Everything a Flagship Should Be
So, can the HTC Windows Phone 8X make an impact? Well, if spectacular design, awesome hardware, and a snappy operating system can't, then the smartphone market is doomed to being a...
Mediocre, at Best
The HTC 8X promised so much on paper and the excitement leading to it arriving was building up for us. Yet when it arrived, we found it to be a mediocre handset and this is the best of...
Good Choice for Win Phone Fans
With top specs and a striking design, HTC's Windows Phone 8X makes a smart choice for anyone ready to dive into the Windows Phone OS.
A Worthy Flagship - But Will the Apps Come?
If you're betting on Windows Phone 8 it really comes down to the 8X's exquisite design and reduced footprint versus the Lumia 920's better camera, larger screen and wireless charging
Hardware Is Solid But Microsoft Needs More Apps
The Windows Phone 8X is what every new smartphone should aspire to be: a combination of the software and hardware vendor's best work to date, topped off with some unique new additions...
Windows Phones Are Finally Getting Good
If you want a Windows Phone and don't want to wait to see how Nokia's Lumia 920 performs, this is a great phone.
A Solid Phone But Competition Is Stiff
I like the HTC 8X enough that as soon as I can find a model for T-Mobile, I'm going to carry it around as my primary phone for a while. For me, it's the best balance of Windows Phone...
Best Windows Phone Yet
With the 8X from HTC the Windows Phone platform has a new leader, being called the "signature handset" of Windows Phone 8 - and it delivers just the qualities that Microsoft was...
Why Bother With Windows Phone?
Ultimately, the HTC 8X is surely a strong competitor in the Windows Phone camp, but as we look at the broader spectrum, it pales in comparison to some of the smartphone elites out...
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