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Barnes & Noble's Nook HD is a 7-inch media tablet competing in a crowded field that includes Google's Nexus 7, the Kindle Fire HD, and, most recently and formidably, the iPad Mini. The $199 Nook HD brings a 1440 x 900 display (243 pixels per inch), a battery rated for 10.5 hours of reading, and a microSD slot. The Nook's claim to fame is its form factor - at 11 ounces it's among the lightest tablets around. 

The Nook HD allows users to create up to six custom profiles to better personalize the device among family members. It taps into Barnes & Nobles extensive library of books, music and videos. The $199 model packs 8GB of onboard storage or spring for the 16GB model for $229.

Reviewers had a mixed take on the Nook HD. Some enjoyed its display, light weight and customization options but others felt the interface too slow and the experience lacking compared to the other 7-inch tablets. Nook users already invested in the eco-system are sure to enjoy the HD, but others eyeing up their first tablet will likely find a more enjoyable experience elsewhere. 

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Best for Books
The Barnes & Noble Nook HD can't match competing tablets in media library breadth, but as long as you're not looking for bells and whistles, its sharp screen and comfortable body...
Not Best of Breed in Tablet Land
The Nook HD certainly doesn't trump Amazon and Google's competitors, let alone the iPad Mini.
A Solid Nook
Barnes & Noble invested a lot in the hardware, and it shows. The Nook HD has a great little screen, snappy performance and industrial design that stands out from the competition...
Feels Like a Beta Unit
From the slow UI to the poor gaming performance, this just isn't a fun device to use. I like reading on the Nook HD, and I like watching movies - most of that is due to the display,...
Just About the Best Reader You Can Buy
The Nook HD is one of the best color e-readers out there. With the addition of more magazine and catalog content, as well as video content, it's really giving Amazon a run for its...
Strong 7-inch Tablet Contender
Barnes & Noble's Nook HD is a strong choice among 7-inch media tablets. The device offers the sharpest screen and the longest-lasting battery in its class inside a design that's...
7-inch Tablet Done Right
The Barnes & Noble Nook is an instant winner. It's feature rich, fast, fluid, has an excellent interface and is well worth $200. It's the obvious choice for previous Nook owners...
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