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In a mobile field dominated by Apple's iOS and Google's Android, it's up to Microsoft to forge a viable third way for consumers looking for other options. With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft retains the unique, tile-based interface of version 7, while adding new features such as NFC and a "Kid's Corner" to let children browse a restricted version of the OS. Other new additions include a revamped Xbox Music Store and support for multi-core processing, which should make gaming zippier.

Reviewers have been mostly pleased with the new features and changes to Microsoft's mobile operating system. The one big knock - and it's significant - is the lack of apps compared to both Android and iOS. While some popular apps are there - like Pandora - many others - like Instagram - are not. 

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Improved but Countless Annoyances
With each new generation of Windows Phone, Microsoft not only closes the gap with iOS and Android in important ways, but it also differentiates in important ways. But there are still...
Ready to Compete
Between its enhanced UI, tight integration with social networks and the cloud, and smart search options, Windows Phone 8 is an OS that's finally ready to compete with the likes of...
A Maverick
Windows Phone 8 is a good-looking, well-designed, easy-to-use mobile operating system, but with a very different set of apps compared with other platforms, it's still for mavericks.
Windows Phone Comes of Age
Although Microsoft still has some work to do, Windows Phone 8 has the potential to power compelling devices that will for the most part meet a smartphone user's demands. We'll just...
Much Improved
Windows Phone 8 is a definite improvement over its predecessor, and it's long overdue. In general, we like what we see, and users and developers have been eagerly awaiting this update...
Is It Enough to Beat Android or Apple?
Everything is brighter, bigger, faster, and of course available in HD. The platform as a whole has been improved in ways that current Windows Phone fans, and new smartphone buyers can...
Excellent - But Some Quibbles
Just like Windows 8, Microsoft's smartphone OS doesn't have enough app-makers on board yet. It's lame to admit, but the main reason I don't want to switch to Windows Phone 8 is because...
Hampered By Lack of Apps
It's a diamond in the rough, but like all greats it has an Achilles' heel, an urge for app developers to design apps for it first rather than third. Sadly, that will never be a...
Not Perfect, But We Like You
It's a crowded field at the top, one that Microsoft still hasn't quite pushed its way into.
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