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Amazon wasn't the first e-reader maker to integrate a reading light into its product (that distinction goes to Barnes and Noble) but the Kindle Paperwhite is certainly winning high marks nonetheless.

The Paperwhite offers a new display that offers adjustable brightness and greater power efficiency (Amazon claims you can enjoy up to eight weeks on a single charge). If you're concerned about remaining battery life, a "Time to Read" function measures how fast you're reading (based on page turns) and calculates how much you'll be able to read based on remaining battery life.

The 7.5 ounce Kindle measures in at 6.7 x 4.6 x .38 inches and packs 2GB of internal memory, enough to hold 1,100 books locally (more can be stored on Amazon's cloud servers).

The base model Wi-Fi-only Paperwhite costs $119 but will display ads (or "special offers"). You can dump the ads by paying an extra $20. A 3G version of the Paperwhite will set you back $179.

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Go for the Wi-Fi Only
Overall, Amazon has another winner here. Existing Kindle Touch owners should probably pass, as their version has more memory and a headphone jack, and Amazon makes a very nice leather...
A Bright Future for Readers
Amazon has brightened the picture for readers with Kindle Paperwhite - quite literally and in more ways than one.
A Reader's Dream
The latest e-ink Kindle, the Paperwhite, is a beautiful device, plays catch-up, and arguably surpasses the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight. The device is as small and compact as the...
A Terrific Product
The Kindle Paperwhite is the successor to a long line of innovative and daring products that seek to move book reading into the new century - and it's a terrific product. I was truly...
This Is the e-Reader You Want
The Paperwhite is a great ereader, and the superb screen quality, easy-to-use frontlight, and improved capacitive controls make it an easy choice. The only reason to not get it would...
The Best e-Reader There Is
The Kindle Paperwhite is the e-reader to buy. It's the best one that Amazon, or anyone, has built to date. It's also the best product that Amazon has sold under the Kindle moniker - a...
Amazon Strikes Gold
Amazon was clearly focused on creating the best possible reading experience with the Paperwhite, and it's delivered. The screen adjustments are great -- everything from the evenly...
Paperwhite Really Shines
With the Kindle Paperwhite's integrated illumination and dramatic software redesign, Amazon has improved the everyday usage experience of its top-tier Kindle in a meaningful way.
A Clean, Well-lit Face
Even without buttons, the physical execution of the Paperwhite puts it ahead of the competition. It's light, eminently pocketable, and presents the best electronic reading experience....
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