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No sooner did Apple's iOS 6 arrive (on the iPhone 5 and as an update to older iOS devices) than controversy erupted. The newest version of Apple's mobile operating system no longer included a dedicated YouTube app and replaced Google Maps with a home grown Apple alternative that proved to be, in many cases, woefully deficient compared to the Google app it replaced. Apple has called it a work in progress that will improve over time, while Google has indicated that an iOS 6 maps app is in the works, but don't hold your breath. 

These ruffled feathers aside, the new iOS delivers some 200 new and updated features, including a "Do Not Disturb" and deeper integration with Facebook. Not all features - such as Siri, FaceTime over cellular networks and turn-by-turn directions - will be supported by older iOS devices, however.

On the whole, reviewers recommended updating any and all capable devices to Apple's latest iOS with the major caveat that the Maps app is, at this stage, unreliable. 

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A Worthwhile Upgrade
I didn't hesitate to upgrade, and there's really no reason for users not to do the same, unless you're hyper-cautious. In that case, you can wait for iOS 6.0.1. But, if you do, you'll...
A Refinement
With iOS 6, Apple seems to be more focused on refining the overall user experience than debuting significant new feature additions. On the other hand, it's still an improvement over...
Some Features Aren't Fleshed Out
There are some standout new features, like turn-by-turn navigation and Do Not Disturb and changes to Siri, but the bulk of iOS 6 is made up of either small incremental improvements to...
Cult Of
Powerful and Intuitive
Different or not, iOS 6 is a very complete, powerful, fast, intuitive, easy to use operating system. On top of that, Apple's ability to offer upgrades to all of its iOS devices is...
Evolution, Not Revolution
We could say the same about iOS 6 as we did about iOS 5: it "has been trailed for so long that the element of surprise went ages ago, but there's enough here to make your iPhone, iPad...
Some Glaring Missteps
If you have a dual-core iDevice - an iPhone 4S, or a second- or third-generation iPad - upgrading to iOS 6 is recommended. The new mobile OS provides a ton more functionality, and the...
Highs, Lows and Everything Else
Overall, iOS 6 is a big step forward, but that's hardly surprising given Apple's track record. As always, there will be those who say it doesn't push the envelope enough, and Maps has...
An Update Divided
iOS 6 is a software update divided against itself. But taken as a whole, as the sum of all its new and better features, it's still strong enough to stand. Now that they've positioned...
So-so Maps Mar a Great Product
The transition to Apple Maps is rough, but new features and a ton of tiny tweaks make iOS 6 a must-have update.
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