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Sony's PlayStation Vita is ostensibly a portable gaming device, but it packs enough tech to make you think otherwise. (like the pair of cameras, built-in GPS and 3G mobile broadband, for starters). You interact with the Vita through its 5-inch OLED touchscreen. Its six axis motion sensor lets you tilt and move the device to impact game play or use the built-in physical controls to navigate your way through the action.

It's pack with several features and apps including "Near" - which lets you see where other PS Vita owners are around you. There's also Cross Play, which lets you start a game on Sony's PlayStation 3 and continue where you left off on the Vita.

It costs $299 for a version with 3G or $249 for a Wi-Fi only package. Most reviewers were wowed by the system - loving the game play, screen and ambition of the device.

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A High-end Gaming Package
Overall, the PlayStation Vita is the most advanced portable gaming system ever made. While the price is deceiving because of a hidden cost, gamers are getting an impressively complete...
Mass Appeal
All things considered, the Vita should attract a pretty wide spectrum of players: The terrific graphics, classic controls, and innovative games will appeal to hardcore gamers, and...
Meager Runtime
No amount of software updates can undo that disappointing runtime. Without performance-enhancing peripherals, the PlayStation Vita won't be getting you through long flights or...
A Mixed Bag on the Gaming Front
Sony's penchant for proprietary accessories has led to one of the Vita's biggest flaws. The device has no internal storage - at least none that can be used for saved game data or...
A Gaming Beast
Sony's handheld gaming device is clearly the most technically superior gaming device that you can throw in your pocket.    
The PlayStation Vita is quite simply the most desirable handheld gaming device yet released. From the beautiful display to the horsepower behind it, from the well-executed traditional...
Great Potential
Despite the challenges of the price, there's plenty of potential in the platform. The system has the capacity to allow players to start a game on their PS3 and finish it on the go or...
A Spectacular Device
The PS Vita is the most spectacular mobile games console ever conjured by humankind.
I Love This Thing
I adore this thing, and urge anyone who plays games to go and have a play with one at a store. Even if you decide to wait for a price drop, a bigger library of games, or a hardware...
Portable Powerhouse
As a device, the Vita is stellar. It has all the right pieces in all the right places - the huge, bright screen, the dual analog sticks, the acceptable battery life, the size, shape,...
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