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Portable gaming ain't what it used to be. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, it's a lot harder to justify splurging for yet another gadget dedicated solely to gaming. Nintendo hopes to sway you, though, with the 3DS XL, a successor to its popular 3DS handheld gaming system.

As the "XL" suggests, the 3DS XL is larger - it measures in at 3.6 x 6.2 inche to accomodate a larger, 4.8-inch screen. It accepts 3DS game cards, so it's backwards compatible for 3DS owners. It also shares a lot of the same hardware and capabilities of the 3DS, including the ability to play 3D games, browse the Web, and snap photos with a built-in camera.

You'll have fewer color choices with the 3DS XL - just red and blue at launch. It's priced at $199.

Reviewers had a mixed take on this particular handheld. Almost all said it was a must-upgrade for Nintendo gamers, but others were less impressed with the screen resolution and the availability of gaming content.

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Now's the Time to Splurge
Should you own a 3DS in the first place? Now would be as good a time to jump on as any for those wanting a little more from their commute entertainment than mobile games, and the 3DS...
Big Handheld Fixes Little Problems
Ultimately the only real problem with the 3DS XL is that it's still built on a platform that seems hopelessly backward in today's gaming market. I do not join with the chorus of those...
Thin Game Library
The supersize Nintendo 3DS XL is a solid portable gaming device, but its thin game library keeps it from being a must-buy for existing 3DS owners and newcomers alike.
Screen Is a Turn Off
It's definitely worth the upgrade for 3DS owners, but if you spend most of your day staring at the new iPad's gorgeous Retina Display - or even the rival PS Vita's glorious OLED screen...
Expanded Screen and Appeal
As far as we're concerned, the 3DS XL should now be considered the definitive version of the system. It vastly improves on the aesthetics and ergonomics of the original while providing...
You Should Get This
The 3DS XL isn't just full of potential. It's a well-designed machine that plays an absurdly rich array of excellent video games.
A Must for Nintendo Fans, But For the Rest Of Us...
The handheld makes sense if you've already bought into Nintendo's ecosystem, but it's a hard sell for first time buyers. Nintendo has a fundamental problem on its hands, and it's this:...
Go for the Games
It's the spate of new games that really makes the 3DS XL a fun handheld console. It may not have the charm or iconic design of the original Gameboy from all those years ago, but the...
Fun in Your Hand
The Nintendo 3DS XL is a large, fun handheld with a big backwards-compatible game library and a bigger screen, but if you're upgrading from an original 3DS, you'll have to leave your...
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