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In just a few short months, Microsoft will unleash Windows 8 on the general public. Dubbed the most radical overhaul of the Windows operating system in years, Microsoft is bringing the "Metro" interface first integrated onto mobile devices, into a desktop environment. That decision - more than any other - has sparked a range of reactions - from shock and horror to delight.

The "Release Preview" version of Windows 8 reviewed below is Microsoft's sneak preview of the operating system in just about perfected form.

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Bodes Well for Windows 8
The small changes in Release Preview add up to a version of Windows that has a lot to offer and bodes well for the final release of Windows 8.
After a few days of working with the new version of Windows 8, it looks as if desktop users may be shortchanged.
Could Scare Off Desktop Users
I think it has the potential to be a killer tablet operating system, and for my part I think it's quite usable on a laptop and desktop, but I have my doubts that more skittish users...
A Design Disaster
I'm now ready to sum up my Windows 8 experience with a single word: awful.
Innocent or Problematic?
Windows 8 remains a much harder sell to the public than any other operating system because of its ambitious changes to workflow, and its reliance on new, unseen, untested hardware.
All About the Apps
In my time using the Release Preview on a non-touchscreen laptop, I actually enjoyed the dual experience - bugs notwithstanding - especially with the multitasking split-view feature....
A Leap Forward
The Mail app still lacks some functionality, and the Windows 8 Start screen will continue to generate controversy. But after spending some time with this build, I can confirm that it...
It's Gonna Be a Dud
Windows 8 on non-touch screen devices is, in a word, terrible. The old Start menu might have been a bit of a tired concept, but it worked well and we all knew how to use it.
Well Engineered
It is well executed, but it is not designed to be a better Windows 7, and nor is it. Rather, it is a means of keeping faith with the past while moving to a new model of computing....
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