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Lytro is an entirely new spin on the digital camera. Rather than focusing before you snap the shutter, Lytro allows you to focus, on anything, after the image has already been captured. Now, all your images have changeable focus-points - something you can't achieve in a typical digital camera. As you can see, it has a unique design and isn't cheap compared with ordinary digital cameras. While noting its revolutionary aspect, most reviewers told readers to skip the Lytro due to the drawbacks common to first generation products.
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Not Ready for Prime Time
Some early adopters and enthusiasts may consider the Lytro to be a must-have camera, but I think most consumers will hesitate because of its limitations: low-resolution photos, a...
Not Convincing
Sadly, we're not fully convinced by the Lytro, conceptually interesting though it is. The limitations of the current LFC, both in terms of final resolution and the limited range of...
Digital Photography
Not Quite There
There's no doubt in my mind that Light Field cameras are the future of photography, or at least part of the future but the first iteration of the Lytro isn't quite there yet: it's hard...
Lytro's Onto Something
While there's so much right with Lytro's debut shooter, it will, even at its best, be no more than another accessory living in your camera bag. Although we're smitten by its delectably...
A Focus on the Future
Playing with a light-field image is truly unlike anything I've experienced. Since the introduction of photography, the technological changes have been iterative - the addition of...
A Big Leap
The Lytro is an exciting and novel leap in digital photography, but because it still has some missing features, like flash and a file format that works in other software, buyers should...
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