RealClearTechnology Evening Edition

Monday, April 30
What a Cyber War Would Look Like - Michael Gallagher, BBC News
How Tech Solves Our Energy Problem - Bill Gross, Technology Review
Why iOS Apps Look Better Than Android - Christina Bonnington, Wired
Why the Future Is Made of Glass - Mike Elgan, Computerworld
Google Was Well Aware of Wi-Fi Data Theft - Epstein & Waugh, Daily Mail
Declare War on Bloatware - Ginny Mies, TechHive
Hey Silicon Valley: Wake Up and Smell the Robots - Wade Roush, Xconomy
A Big Step Toward DRM-Free e-Books - Serdar Yegulalp, InformationWeek
Can I Live Without the Internet for a Year? - Paul Miller, The Verge
Why You Can't Trust the Tech Press - Anil Dash
Tuesday, May 1
Meet Google's Fall Guy - Lohr & Streitfeld, New York Times
Could Facebook Find Organ Donors? - Russell Goldman, ABC News
How to Leave the Internet & Stay Sane - Joshua Kopstein, The Verge
The Software Industry Is Being Reborn - Ben Bajarin, Time
Social Games Strengthen Families - Patrick Moorhead, Tech.pinions
Samsung Now Leads in Smartphones - Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch
Microsoft Tightens Its Hold on Skype - Dan Goodin, Ars Technica
Digg Isn't Quite Dead Yet - Peter Kafka, All Things D
Coming Soon to Your Car: A Black Box - Willie Jones, IEEE Spectrum
BlackBerry to Ditch the Keyboard - Brian Chen, Bits Blog
Wednesday, May 2
Why Flickr & Pinterest Need Each Other - Jon Mitchell, Read Write Web
Twitter's Big Problem: It Needs Better Filters - Mathew Ingram, GigaOm
'Facebooks' for Companies Beef Up - Quentin Hardy, New York Times
The Big Doubt Over Facebook's IPO - Vranica and Raice, Wall Street Journal
Why Did Target Boot Amazon's Kindle? - Dan Mitchell, Fortune
Could Phones & Desktops Successfully Merge? - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
Microsoft: Please, Please Take My Nook! - Eric Mack, CNET
Malware Isn't Just for Windows Anymore - Ed Bott, ZDNet
RIM After BlackBerry 10 Debut: Dead Or Alive? - Ian Paul, PC World
Bringing Free Mobile Apps to the Masses - Ivo Spigel, The Kernel
Thursday, May 3
What a Real Apple TV Will Look Like - Ben Kunz, BusinessWeek
Facebook and Your Privacy - Consumer Reports
Here's Samsung's Answer to the iPhone 4S - Dan Grabham, Tech Radar
Will Samsung & Android Always Be So Tight? - Jeremy Wagstaff, Reuters
Hottest Tech Job? Cyber Security - Carolyn Marsan, Network World
Missile Blimps: Coming Soon to Your Town - David Axe, Wired
Who Has the Worst Commenters on the Web? - John Herrman, BuzzFeed
Why the Death of DRM Would Be Good News - Cory Doctorow, The Guardian
Meet Eye-Borg: Man Gets First Bionic Eye - Rob Waugh, Daily Mail
A Look at Apple's Wild Touch-based Patent - Jack Purcher, Patently Apple
Friday, May 4
Microsoft Carves Itself Out a Nook - David Zax, MIT Technology Review
Instagram: Bad for Photographers, Good for Us - Allen Murabayashi, Wired
Must-See TV, Except It's on YouTube - Stone and Fixmer, BusinessWeek
5 Reasons to Not 'Like' Facebook's IPO - Paul La Monica, CNNMoney
Galaxy S3: Did Samsung Out-iPhone Apple? - Sebastian Anthony, ExTech
Who Wants an iPad Mini? - Lance Whitney, CNET
8 Tools for the Online Privacy Paranoid - Jared Newman, Time
Media Studies Needs to Be a Serious Discipline - John Dvorak, PC Mag
Will Small Investors Get a Piece of Facebook - Craig and Rusli, NY Times
Mike Dew: The Most Followed Dude on Pinterest - Alicia Eler, RWW