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Wednesday, March 4
Everything Is Listening, And That's Not Good - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
Samsung Just Killed 2 of My Favorite Android Features - CNET
Relaxing with Runcible, The Circular 'Anti-Smartphone' - Engadget
How to Get Bluetooth to Actually Work - Natasha Stokes, Time
Virtual Reality That's So Damn Real I Can't Even Handle It - Gizmodo
The New Moto E Is the Most Phone You Can Get for $150 - Ars Tech
1 Year On...Where Are MtGox's Millions of Bitcoin $$$? - PC World
What's Next After Google Fiber? Google Wireless - Serdar Yegulalp, IW
Why Audiophiles Are Paying $1,000 for This Man's Vinyl - Wired
Anatomy of a Hack: An Overnight Digital Heist - Russell Brandom, Verge
Tuesday, March 3
Microsoft Wise to Wait on a Flagship Phone - G. Keizer, Computerworld
Microsoft's Mid-Range Phone Is All You Need - Peter Bright, Ars
On the Premature Obits for the Apple Watch - Steve Kovach, BI
Samsung Sacrificed Too Much for the Galaxy S6 - S. Gibbs, Guardian
10 Big Dot-Com Flops - David Goldman, CNN Money
The FCC's Net Neutrality Victory is Anything But - G. Manne, Wired
Why is Sony Still Making Phones? - Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC
Why Protectionist Data Policies Backfire - Castro and McQuinn, ITIF
5G Previewed at MWC - Stephen Shankland, CNET
Marissa Mayer and Yahoo's Continuing Transformation - Medium
Monday, March 2
Is Apple Reinventing Itself (Again)? - Tim Bajarin, PC Magazine
Can Apple Sell Its Watch to a Skeptical Public? - Brian Chen, NYT
The Man Who Smuggles Media into North Korea - A. Greenberg, Wired
What We've Learned from MWC So Far - Matthew Sparkes, Telegraph
Microsoft Lumia 640XL: A Phablet for the Rest of Us - PC World
13 Things to Know About the Galaxy S6 - Samuel Gibbs, Guardian
Why Did Samsung Change Its Phone Design? - Darrell Etherington, TC
Should PC Makers Disclose What They Make from Adware? - E. Bott, ZD
8 Future-Proof Tech Areas - Mary Pratt, Computerworld
Reclaiming Email with Microsoft Office Graph Tools - CIO
Friday, February 27
Net Neutrality is Not Your Friend - Matt Walsh, The Blaze
Cook: Apple Watch Will Replace Your Car Keys - A. Heath, Telegraph
Apple's TV Could Work Like a Phone Contract - John Archer, Forbes
6 Ways to Make Your Phone Easier on the Eyes - Ben Patterson, PC World
Is This the End of Revenge Porn? - Tauriq Moosa, Daily Beast
8 Hidden Tumblr Tricks - Evan Dashevsky, PC Magazine
Want a Preview of Net Neutrality? Look to the Dutch - Mark Scott, NYT
Some Unsexy Truths About Silicon Valley - K. Benner, Bloomberg View
The Science Behind the Dress Color Controversy - Adam Rogers, Wired
Is a Sharing Economy More Altruistic? - Christoffer Hernaes, TechCrunch
Thursday, February 26
Google Fiber: Make it Easy for Us or Enjoy Time Warner - GigaOm
Net Neutrality: FCC Exceeds Legal Authority - G. Hurwitz, RCMarkets
The Best Budget Smartphones - Molly Wood, New York Times
Mac Users No Longer Safe From Malware - Lowell Heddings, HTG
A Look at How Players are Rated in Madden - Neil Paine, FiveThirtyEight
4K TV's Biggest Problem? Not Enough Live Content - T. Moynihan, Wired
How to End Your Online Password Nightmare - Gus Lubin, BI
Your Phone Records More Than You Think - Matthew Sparkes, Telegraph
The Secret to the Apple Car is the Battery - Katie Benner, Bloomberg View
The 10 Best Gaming Monitors - Brian Westover, PC Magazine
Wednesday, February 25
The Mandatory Dash Cam Is Coming - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
Blogger's Porn Ban: Bad for Us in Many Ways - Zoe Margolis, Guardian
Car Owners Fed Up with These Failing Technologies - Phil LeBeau, CNBC
How Parks and Rec Took Aim at Silicon Valley - Laura Hudson, Wired
Tonight: An Episode of Modern Family, iPhone-Style - Associated Press
Mac OS X Most Vulnerable OS? Cue: Raging Debate - Adrian K-H, ZDNet
Why Apple Would Benefit from Building Electric Car Tech - GigaOm
Apple's Tablet Share Is Imploding - Dave Smith, Business Insider
Pebble Time & Kickstarter's 'Zach Braff' Problem - Dan Cooper, Engadget
Apple Must Build Standalone Apple Watch Stores - Adriana Lee, RW
Tuesday, February 24
Why I'm Not Getting the Galaxy S6 - Seamus Condron, PC Magazine
Don't Put All Your Faith in Biometrics - Marc Goodman, Slate
12 Things Apple Should Fix with iOS 9 - Zack Whittaker, ZDNet
How Google Plans to Beat Apple Pay - Michael Liedtke, Inc.
Waffle House Joins the Sharing Economy - Amar Toor, The Verge
Where the Digital Economy Is Moving the Fastest - HBR
Why All the Billion-Dollar Tech Valuations? - Adrienne Lafrance, Atlantic
The Biggest Myths in Tech - Telegraph
The Perpetual Problem of Email - David Glance, The Conversation
Is Kickstarter Turning Into a Store? - Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC
Monday, February 23
Jeff Bezos Takes Washington Post into Digital Future - Der Spiegel
Microsoft, Apple Moving Beyond Passwords - Steve Ranger, ZD Net
Apple Watch Will Change Your Approach to Health - Wired
18 Google Maps Tricks to Try - Evan Dashevsky, PC Magazine
Apple, Google, and the Fight for the Car Dashboard - New York Times
The Female Tech Exodus - Tracey Lien, Los Angeles Times
Which Small Tablet Is the Best? - Quinten Plummer, Tech Times
The Never-Ending Wait for a Better Battery - Tuan Nguyen, WaPo
This Inventor Wants to Kill the Power Cord - M. della Cava, USA Today
'The Order: 1886' Reviews Signal Shift in Game Expectations - Forbes

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