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Thursday, January 29
Windows 10 'Shaping Up to Be a Winner' - Preston Gralla, Computerworld
Flagging iPad Sales a Compliment to Its Longevity - Mark Wilson, FastCo
Amazon Takes on Gmail and Outlook with WorkMail - Ben Kepes, Forbes
Zuckerberg Plays the Amazon Game - Katie Benner, Bloomberg View
Netflix's Algorithm? A Guy Named Ted Sarandos - Tim Wu, New Yorker
Satellites & Drones Taking Down Poachers - Thomas Snitch, Conversation
How Uber Could Affect Your Job - Farhad Manjoo, NYT
The Future of Wearables Isn't a Connected Watch - Mat Honan, Wired
Virtual Reality Made a Splash at Sundance - John Gaudiosi, PC World
5 Ways 3D-Printing Could Change How We Eat - Matt McFarland, WaPo
Wednesday, January 28
Here's What The iPhone 7 Might Look Like - Sam Colt, Business Insider
Are We Seeing the Slow Death of the iPad? - Richard Procter, ReadWrite
The iPad Turns 5: You Still Don't Need One - Will Oremus, Slate
Microsoft Surface: Mission Accomplished? - Steve Ranger, ZDNet
3 Things I Envy About Windows Phone 10, As an Android User - PN
Dell XPS 13: MacBook Air Fans, Here's Your Unicorn - PC World
New TV Tech for 2015: Improving the LCD - Geoffrey Morrison, CNET
Why All Three Game Consoles Have Now Ditched the TV - Wired
The App Economy Is Now 'Bigger Than Hollywood' - The Atlantic
Does Polaroid Have a Place in 2015? - Jim Fisher, PC Magazine
Parks & Rec's Fake Future Facebook Is Disconcertingly Plausible - Giz
Tuesday, January 27
Apple Watch May Be a Headache for Apple Stores - Dave Smith, BI
The iPad at 5: The Drama is Gone - Marcus Wohlsen, Wired
Google Cardboard: A Legit Player in VR - Evan Dashevsky, PC Mag
Does Silicon Valley Run on Smart Drugs? - CNN Money
Could Driverless Cars Make Traffic Worse? - Eric Jaffe, CityLab
The Dark Side of 'Sharing Economy' Jobs - Catherine Rampell, WaPo
What's Yahoo's Plan for Its Alibaba Assets? - Wall Street Journal
Facebook Sees Drop in Active Usage - Parmy Olson, Forbes
Xbox v. PlayStation: Where Do They Stand? - Keith Stuart, Guardian
Is the Internet of Things a Security Risk for Business? - ZDNet
Monday, January 26
Microsoft Emulating Apple - Rhiannon Williams, Telegraph
Windows 10: Ambitious But Realistic - Michael Miller, PC Mag
Comcast Ghostwriting Political Support of TWC Merger - The Verge
Why Have Messaging Apps Taken Off? - New York Times
Yahoo Was the GE of the Internet - Rob Solomon, Re/Code
How Soon Will You Have a 'Smart Home'? - Chris Hoffman, How To Geek
Starbucks' Mobile Triumph - Sarah Halzack, Washington Post
The NFL Finally Joins YouTube - Ben Fox Rubin, CNET
Play a Hacking Simulator to Avoid Sony's Fate - Jose Pagliery, CNN Money
Thursday, January 22
Windows 10: A New Era for Microsoft - Shira Ovide, WSJ
Why Microsoft Windows 10 Really Doesn't Matter - Adam Hartung, Forbes
Hands-On with Microsoft's 'Magical' HoloLens - Peter Bright, Ars
What Google's Wireless Plans Mean for You - Brian Fung, WaPo
How Apple Sabotaged Android - Ewan Spence, Forbes
Why Is Netflix Still in the DVD Business? - Justin Fox, Bloomberg View
The Chart Freaking Netflix Out - Mark Milian, BusinessWeek
What is Amazon's TV Strategy? - Andy Greenwald, Grantland
What You Need to Know About Sling TV - David Katzmaier, CNET
The State of Yahoo (and Its CEO) - Farhad Manjoo, New York Times
Tech's Record Year for Lobbying - Tony Romm, Politico
Wednesday, January 21
The Two-Day Laptop Battery Is Here - Geoffrey Fowler, Wall Street Journal
10 of the Best iPhone 6 Accessories You Can Buy - Business Insider
8 Things We Want From Windows 10 Mobile - Sascha Segan, PC Magazine
Windows 10: The Big Questions (Still) Ahead - Larry Dignan, ZDNet
I Wore Google Glass for 1 Year (~!~) & Here's What Happened - TR
When Did Google Glass Become "Glassholish"? - Martha Pease, CNN
Every Freeware Site Is Serving Crapware - Lowell Heddings, How-To Geek
App Turns Your iPhone Into a Crappy Disposable Camera - Wired
There's Plenty for Tech to Be Happy About in Obama's Speech - Re/Code
Here's a Real Button for the Internet of Things - Barry Levine, VentureBeat
Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Google Android - Molly Wood, NYT
The Ultimate Mac Tech Support Handbook - Jonny Evans, Computerworld
Tuesday, January 20
New Police Radars Can 'See' Inside Homes - Brad Heath, USA Today
Is Windows 10 Microsoft's Last Hope for Relevance? - Matt Rosoff, BI
Windows 10 Mobile Preview Coming in February? - Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet
A Long-Time Mac User's Weird PC Experience - John Moltz, Macworld
Google Hopping Into the Insurance Game - Conor Dougherty, NYT
Twitter and Facebook Copying Each Other to Stand Out - FastCo
The Turning Point for Internet Freedom - Robert McDowell, WSJ
The Tech Predictions for 2015 Worth Listening To - Leo Mirani, Quartz
Maybe AI Won't Be So Scary - Dominic Basulto, Washington Post
The Most Popular Passwords of 2015 - Jamie Condliffe, Gizmodo
Monday, January 19
5 Things Apple Is Doing That Steve Jobs Said They'd Never Do - CNN
Apple's International App Pricing Problem - Joshua Gans, Conversation
How Google Search Dealt With Mobile - Steven Levy, Medium
CNET's Windows 10 Wishlist for Microsoft's Event - Nate Ralph
Who the Internet Will Wallop in 2015 (Besides Radio Shack) - Forbes
What Facebook's Hiring Spree Says About Its Future Plans - Reuters
What's the GOP's Net Neutrality Plan? - Brian Fung, Washington Post
Do USB Cables Need Regulation? - Eli Lehrer, RealClearPolicy
Policymakers Must Do More About Big Data - Frank Pasquale, LAT
Cuba's Potential for a Tech Revolution - Patrick Thibodeau, Computerworld

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