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Wednesday, November 25
Black Friday: 10 Tech Doorbusters Worth Fighting the Crowds - PCW
Amazon Announces Cyber Monday Deals - Sean Hollister, CNET
The Best PC Laptops of 2015 - Melissa Riofrio & Gordon Mah Ung, PC World
6 Ways 3D Printing Could Transform Thanksgiving Dinner - PopSci
12 iPhone, Android Apps To Ease Holiday Travel - Kelly Sheridan, IW
Why That Black Friday 'Doorbuster' Sale Is Costing You - Re/Code
Google Will Help You Shop on Black Friday - Mark Bergen, Re/Code
Researchers Warn of Stealthy, Credit Card-Stealing Malware - WaPo
Why I Love the HTC One A9: A Holiday Shopping Parable - PC Magazine
Medical Devices That Are Vulnerable to Life-Threatening Hacks - Wired
Tuesday, November 24
9 Awesome Gifts for Nerds - Gordon Mah Ung, PC World
What's the Difference Between a Modem and a Router? - How to Geek
NSA Kept Its Email Metadata Program After It 'Ended' in 2011 - Ars
To Grow, Mobile Operators Must Look Beyond Phones - Fortune
The Hyperloop: 11 Things to Know - CNN Money
Meet Eero, The Next Breed Of Wi-Fi Router - Aaron Tilley, Forbes
Comcast May Have Found a Major Net Neutrality Loophole - Wired
We Need A New Word For Cyber - John Dickson, DarkReading
Nostalgia Is Ruining Video Games - Mark Hill, The Atlantic
The Auto Industry Won't Create The Future - David Pakman, Medium
Monday, November 23
We're Witnessing a Slow-Motion Tech Wreck - Sara Ashley O'Brien, CNN
Windows at 30: Microsoft's Biggest Blunders - Woody Leonard, InfoWorld
iPhone Holiday Gift Guide: Our Best Picks for Every Budget - 9to5 Mac
10 Truly Classy Tech Gifts for Under $50 - Michael Ansaldo, PC World
Stop the Anti-Encryption Propaganda Now - Paul Venezia, InfoWorld
The Tablet Accessory Your Back Didn't Realize It Really Needed - ZDNet
Microsoft App Tries to Lure You to a Windows Phone - Engadget
How TV Apps Are About to Remake the Small Screen - Jason Hiner, ZD
The Apple TV Is Lagging Behind Its Biggest Rivals - Steve Kovach, TI
(OnePlus) X Misses The Spot - Ajay Kumar, PC Magazine
Let's Talk About Anonymous vs. ISIS Battle - Robert Hackett, Fortune
Friday, November 20
Your Phone Is (Literally) Listening to Your TV - Kaveh Waddell, Atlantic
A Virtual Reality Revolution, Coming to a Headset Near You - NY Times
13 Apps That Will Help You Cut Cable - Tim Stenovec, Tech Insider
Would You Pay $19 for a Ticket Out of Airport Hell? - Bloomberg
A Visit to the NSA's Data Center in Utah - Ingrid Burrington, The Atlantic
Square Turns the IPO Corner - Matt Levine, Bloomberg View
From Marx to Microsoft: The Origins of Flat Design - B. Brandall, TNW
There Is No Good Argument for Encryption Backdoors - Slate
Why 4K TVs Aren't Stupid (Anymore) - Geoffrey Morrison, CNET
Windows at 30: The Successes and Missteps - Ed Bott, ZDNet
Thursday, November 19
Windows 10 Big Improvement Will Anger Users - Gordon Kelly, Forbes
How Amazon's Long Game Yielded a Retail Juggernaut - F. Manjoo, NYT
Mitigating Destructive Cyber-Attack Risk - Robert Jones, RCTechnology
A Name-Brand Windows Laptop for $150? - Walt Mossberg, Re/Code
The Big Business of Video Game Voyeurism - Soper & Gillette, Bloomberg
Why Apple's A Series Processors are Central to Their Future - T. Bajarin
PC Partners Concerned About Steam Machine Performance - PC World
Enterprise Computing and the Remote Worker - Melissa Gregg, Atlantic
Privacy Not Included: Federal Law Lags Behind New Tech - ProPublica
Google's Going to Make Downloading Apps an Afterthought - Wired
Wednesday, November 18
The Failure of the Surveillance State - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
Edward Snowden: Use Ad-Block Software Now - William Turton, Daily Dot
I Turned Off JavaScript for a Whole Week and It Was Glorious - Wired
Amazon: An Evil Empire Dawns on the Internet of Things - ZDNet
Everything to Know About Amazon's Black Friday Deals - Time
iPad Pro Proves the iPad Is on Its Last Legs - Daryl Deino, Inquisitr
5 iPhone Battery-Saving Tips That Work (And 5 Useless Ones) - ZDNet
iPhone 6S Has Problem Apple Just Won't Discuss - Gordon Kelly, Forbes
Here's Exactly Why I'm Moving from iPhone to Android - PocketNow
Lenovo Yoga 900: Wonder of Engineering - Joel Santo Domingo, PC Mag
The Inside Story on Why Rdio Died - Casey Newton, The Verge
Sprint: Join Us, And We'll Cut Your Bill 50%! - Hope King, CNNMoney
Tuesday, November 17
What Technology Will Look Like In Five Years - D. Kastanis, TechCrunch
12 Travel-Friendly Tech Gifts You'll Want to Take With You - PC World
iPad Pro: It's Not an iPod, But That's OK - Jonny Evans, Computerworld
Here's What It's Like to Stream Netflix at 30,000 Feet - S. Segan, PC Mag
Amazon's Holiday Shopping Target: The Procrastinator - Bloomberg
Encryption 'Backdoors' Won't Stop Terrorist Attacks - Paul Wagenseil, TG
The Old Farmer's Almanac: A Preview of the Information Age - Atlantic
The Fight for the Fastest Supercomputer - Adam Hadhazy, Popular Science
You, Only Better - Jenna Wortham, New York Times Magazine
Islamic State Doesn't Need Facebook and Twitter - Leonid Bershidsky, BV
Monday, November 16
A 21st Century Technology Response to Terror - David Gewirtz, ZDNet
Anonymous Declares Cyber War on ISIS - Don Reisinger, Fortune
Can a Chromebook Cut the Mustard in Your Home Office? - PC Mag
What 20 Years of USB Has Done for the PC - Gordon Mah Ung, PC World
4-Inch iPhone 6c Makes WAY More Sense Than the iPhone 5c - ZDNet
8 Great Tech Gifts Under $100 - Chloe Albanesius, PC Magazine
Who Controls the Cop Cam? - Russell Brandom, The Verge
Apple Watch vs. Samsung Gear S2: A Smartwatch Skeptic Picks - CNET
People Are Not Happy with the iPad Pro's Launch - Max Slater-Robins, BI
iPad Pro: The Best Computer Apple Has Ever Made - Matt Vella, Time

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