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Friday, March 27
Air Travel: Do You Want More Entertainment or More Legroom? - WSJ
13 Tips for Microsoft Word Users - Evan Dashevsky, PC Magazine
What You Can Do About AT&T's Plan to Watch Your Browsing - Ars
What's Wrong with the Rumored 4-Inch iPhone 6 - Gordon Kelly, Forbes
20 Great PC Games If You Have Time to Kill - Brad Chacos, PC World
How Android Came to Be - Lisa Eadicicco, Business Insider
7 Exceptional Hybrids Ready for Windows 10 - James Kendrick, ZDNet
Google for Work vs. Microsoft Office 365 - Matt Kapko, CIO
Facebook Messenger Apps: The Ones to Try - Megan Logan, Wired
Don't Put Your Faith in Password Strength Meters - Y. Grauer, ReadWrite
Thursday, March 26
What iOS 8.3 Says About Apple's Future Plans - Adriana Lee, ReadWrite
When Males on Tinder Unknowingly Flirt With Each Other - The Verge
A Brief History of the ATM - Bernardo Batiz-Lazo, The Atlantic
The Quest for a Likable Printer - Joanna Stern, Wall Street Journal
5G: Your Phone on Steroids - The Economist
Apple's Tim Cook Leads Different - Adam Lashinsky, Fortune
Telecom Mergers Continue Apace - Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg View
Twitter Takes on Meerkat With Its Own Live-Stream Service - BBC
5 Lessons From the Ellen Pao Trial - Brad Stone & Sarah Frier, Bloomberg
Teens Could Use Self-Driving Cars - Sascha Segan, PC Magazine
Wednesday, March 25
9 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy a New Computer - Brad Chacos, PC World
Google's Ridiculous AdSense Morality Police Strike Again - Techdirt
Will Apple Watch Learn from Google Glass? - Knowledge@Wharton
This App Wants to Change Email Forever - Alexis Kleinman, Huff Post
This Really Isn't Steve Jobs' Apple Anymore - Matt Asay, ReadWrite
Why It Matters Who Steve Jobs Was - Lev Grossman, Time
Light, Efficient & Thin: The 10 Best Ultrabooks - Laarni Ragaza, PC Mag
iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S6: What the Specs Tell Us - Steve Ranger, ZDNet
France Is Letting 14-Year-Olds Drive This Car? - Jordan Golson, Wired
Thank Netflix for the Return of X-Files - Ross Miller, The Verge
Tuesday, March 24
We've Reached Peak Cable - Horace Dediu, Asymco
5 Tricks for Google Drive Users to Try - Michael Ansaldo, PC World
The Incredible Power of the Screenshot - Clive Thompson, Wired
Survival in the Age of Spotify - Leo & Mann, MIT Tech Review
Is Satya Nadella Overhyped? - Mark Berniker, Forbes
The Undercover War on Your Internet Secrets - S. Ranger, TechRepublic
You Won't Own a Self-Driving Car (But It Is the Future) - C. Osborne, ZD
Google's Strange and Fun Modular Phone - Jessica Dolcourt, CNET
Obsolete Tech That Will Baffle Children - Telegraph
Smartphone Users Are Making Silly and Unsafe Choices - T. Lien, LAT
Monday, March 23
Why People Might Actually Buy the New Apple TV - Cade Metz, Wired
What's a Bigger Threat to Cable: Netflix or Vine? - D. Thompson, Atlantic
10 Reasons Why You'll Miss Internet Explorer - David Wagner, InfoWeek
Explaining Microsoft's Evolving Business Model - Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet
The Final Frontier of Net Neutrality - Nicholas Nardini, Slate
What is Persuasive Technology? - Nanette Byrnes, MIT Tech Review
The Music Industry Wants to Fight the Internet Again - J. McDuling, QZ
Online Publications Can Live Without Twitter - Simon Owens, TNW
Google Glass Isn't Dead - Alistair Barr, Wall Street Journal
How to Beat a Patent Troll - Chris Hulls, TechCrunch
Friday, March 20
It Didn't Have to End This Way, Cable Companies - B. Hoffman, Forbes
Unbundling Pay-TV Brings New Questions - Wall Street Journal
Windows 10 Available Even for Pirates (or Is It?) - Chris Smith, BGR
10 Differences Between Windows 10 and Windows 8 - InformationWeek
Five Amazing Things Promised 'Within Five Years' - M. Milian, Bloomberg
Gorgeous Apple Watch Will Ultimately Disappoint - C. Cantrell, RW
2015 MacBooks: Pro or Air? - Andrew Cunningham, Ars Technica
McDonald's and the Quest to Go Digital - Richard Nieva, CNET
How to Tell If Your Email Is Being Tracked - Brian Barrett, Wired
Kodak Adapts to a Filmless Future - Quentin Hardy, New York Times
Thursday, March 19
Cable's Death Draws Near - Cade Metz, Wired
Playstation Vue vs. Sling TV - David Katzmaier, CNET
Apple Is Out to Blow Up the Cable TV Model - Gerry Smith, Bloomberg
10 Things iOS 8 Got Wrong - Ryan Matzner, Venture Beat
Net Neutrality: Atlas Is Shrugging, Mark Cuban - R. Tracinski, Federalist
Are Smaller Wireless Carriers Better? - Sascha Segan, PC Magazine
Google Autocomplete Isn't as Fun as it Used to Be - Amanda Hess, Slate
Meerkat is More Than a Flash in the Pan - Caitlin McGarry, PC World
A $50m Drug and Guns Dark Web Market Disappeared - Forbes
10 Portable Keyboards for iPhone, iPad, & Android - J. Kendrick, ZDNet
Wednesday, March 18
Now We Know: This Screen Is Terrible for You - Brandon Keim, Wired
An Open Letter from Your Horrible Facebook Friends - New Yorker
Internet Explorer Joins 10 Past Tech Crazes - Mary Bowerman, USA Today
Tim Cook: No, We Aren't Becoming the New Microsoft - Engadget
The 5 Apps Every Smartphone Must Get Right - Vlad Savov, The Verge
6 Notorious Hackers & Their Second Careers - Daniel Bukszpan, Fortune
Gaming Pundits' Favorite Hobbyhorse Is Dead - Chris Kohler, Wired
Why Twitch Is So Damn Popular - Harrison Jacobs, Business Insider
Windows RT Is Dead, But Microsoft Hasn't Learned a Thing - PC Mag
PlayStation Vue (Almost) Looks Like a Cord-Cutter's Dream - Gizmodo
Tuesday, March 17
The Ultimate Guide to Cord Cutting - Eric Griffith, PC Magazine
Apple Plans Web TV Service in the Fall - WSJ
Apple TV Now a Cord Cutting Option? - D. Etherington, TechCrunch
Understanding the Meerkat Live-Streaming Magic - Computerworld
Windows 10: What's New for Phones? - Andrew Williams, TechRadar
How Will Windows 10 Work with the Internet of Things? - CNN Money
Android's About to Get a Lot Smarter - Tim Moynihan, Wired
Anonymous Fighting ISIS on Twitter - M. Howard, DB
Why We Don't Always Need an App for That - Golden Krishna, The Verge
Try These Calendars Instead of the Default App - Parker & Mitroff, CNET

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