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Wednesday, October 1
Colorful, Larger iPad Coming - Larry Dignan, ZDNet
iOS Trojan Spying on Hong Kong Protesters - Stephanie Mlot, PC Mag
PayPal versus Apple Pay - Alyssa Newcomb, ABC News
Cloud Will Key Microsoft's Growth - Michal Lev-Ram, Fortune
Are Bent iPhone 6 Billboards in Europe Accidental? - Vlad Savov, Verge
DIY Metal Gun Machine? Yes, for $1,200 - Andy Greenberg, Wired
Is Google Over Collecting User Data? - Mark Scott, New York Times
Google/Motorola Nexus 6 Coming - Sebastian Anthony, Extreme Tech
Real Optical Zoom Coming to Smartphones - Lexy Savvides, CNET
JibJab Boys Debut iOS GIF Maker - Stephanie Mlot, PC Mag
Comcast Intros New Mobile View Features - Troy Wolverton, Mercury News
Tuesday, September 30
Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 - Nick Statt, CNET
BlackBerry Improving, But Still Has Work to Do - Nicole Arce, Tech Times
A Look Inside a Drone Command Center - Ed Pilkington, The Guardian
Is Ello Really the Answer? - Seamus Condron, PC Mag
A Few Days With a 15-Year-Old OS - Andrew Cunningham, Ars Technica
EBay Spinning Off PayPal - David Faber, CNBC
Chromecast Faces New Competition - Emil Protalinski, The Next Web
Nvidia's Tablet Can Stream From Anywhere - Sean Hollister, Gizmodo
Monday, September 29
Instagram Blocked in China - Michael Kan, PC World
Hong Kong Protesters Communicate Off-Grid - Sam Judah, BBC News
Facebook Rolling Out Rebuilt Ad Platform - Vindu Goel, New York Times
iPhone 6 Close to Approval in China - Gerry Shih, Reuters
Hackers Set Sights on Ello - Stephanie Mlot, PC Mag
Microsoft to Open Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue - Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet
Chartbeat Certification May Change Web Ads - Matthew Ingram, GigaOm
A Snapchat for Social Media Posts - Matt Elliott, CNET
Thursday, September 25
Switching from iOS to Android: The Complete Guide - Liam Tung, ZDNet
6 Things to Love -- and Hate -- About the iPhone 6 - David Goldman, CNN
The Internet Braces for the Crazy Shellshock Worm - Wired
What It Was Like to Be Online During the 80s - Makiko Itoh, Gizmodo
Oh, the Irony! iPhone 6 Copies the Nexus 4 - Kristian Ramos, CWorld
10 Gorgeous Apps for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus - Sascha Segan, PC Mag
Dump Your Passwords! 8 Security & Identity Breakthroughs - InfoWorld
Why There Are So Many New Kinds of Messaging Apps - ReadWrite
Wednesday, September 24
Is iPhone 6 'Bending' the Rules? - Leo Kelion, BBC News
Galaxy Note 4 Launching in iPhone 6 Shadow - Liam Tung, ZDNet
AT&T Deal: Internet & TV $39 - Andrew Moran, PF Hub
Valentine's Day Target for Apple Watch - 9 to 5 Mac Staff, 9 to 5 Mac
Amazon Entering Connected Home Space - Stephanie Mlot, PC Mag
Blackberry's New Play: Dual Control Keyboard - Leo Kelion, BBC News
Tech Transforming High School Sports - Quentin Hardy, New York Times
3D Scanning Tech Preserving Fossils - Michelle Starr, CNET News
Sex Sells Video Games to Women in Japan - Daniel Feit, Wired
Here Come the Robot Service Animals - Grant Brunner, Extreme Tech
Cadillac Bolting Detroit for New York - Richard Florida, CityLab
Tuesday, September 23
Has Apple Abandoned Egalitarianism? - Robinson Meyer, Atlantic
Is Apple Picking a Fight With the Government? - Matt Green, Slate
Why Apple Will Kill Beats Music - Alex Fitzpatrick, Time
The Best Free Site for Learning How to Code - Klint Finley, Wired
Why Are Some Hard Drives More Reliable? - S. Anthony, ExTech
The Hidden World of Facebook 'Like Farms' - MIT Tech Review
It's Illegal to Be an Online Troll In Indonesia - Joshua Krisch, Mboard
How to Be a Moral Internet Citizen - Scott Meslow, The Week
Monday, September 22
Can a Computer Replace Your Doctor? - Elisabeth Rosenthal, NYT
Is It Time to Invest in Bitcoin? - Javier Espinoza, WSJ
Robot Farming, Explained - Mariella Moon, Engadget
Oculus Rift: A 'Watershed' For Gaming - Andrew Gumbel, The Guardian
Can Video Games Teach Us About History? - Molly Osberg, The Verge
New Blackberry Smartphone Will Cost $599 - Newley Purnell, WSJ
A Collection of the World's Dumbest iPhone Users - First Post
A Writerly Chill at Jeff Bezos' Campfire - David Streitfeld, NYT
Technology Stalled in 1970 - Peter Thiel, MIT Technology Review
End of an Era at Oracle: Ellison Steps Down - Ashlee Vance, Bloomberg

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