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Thursday, October 30
Tech Support's NSFW Problem - Tam Harbert, Computerworld
Ballmer: Amazon Not a Real Company - Daniel Kline, Motley Fool
A Look at Amazon's Device Designs - Farhad Manjoo, New York Times
Returning to the Safer, Quieter Web 1.0 - Kyle Chayka, Gizmodo
Internet TV Gets a Boost from the FCC - Jeff John Roberts, GigaOm
Replacing Plane Windows with Screens - Lily Hay Newman, Slate
A Wearable to Replace Keys and Passwords - Borison and Kosoff, BI
Facebook Could Take on Video Next - Marcus Wohlsen, Wired
Apple Pay Competitor CurrentC Hacked - Joshua Brustein, BusinessWeek
Nintendo Developing Bedside Sleep Tracker - Matthew Humphries, Geek
How to See if AT&T, Verizon Track You - Marshall Honorof, Tom's Guide
Wednesday, October 29
T-Mobile Won the iPhone 6 Launch - Joshua Brustein, BusinessWeek
A Print Magazine for Hackers - Nicolas Niarchos, New Yorker
First Web Message Was Sent 45 Years Ago - A. Moseman, Popular Mechanics
Facebook Not Always Interested in Profit - Vindu Goel, NY Times
Reddit Launches Its Own Crowdfunding Site - Tom Cheredar, Venture Beat
Wireless Carriers Relentlessly Track Customers - Kate Knibbs, Gizmodo
HP Unveils Cheaper 3-D Printing System - Jack Clark, Bloomberg
9 Apps to Help You Organize Your Life - Victor Luckerson, Time
Tuesday, October 28
What's Google's Real Plan with Fiber? - Brian Fung, Washington Post
Why Apple Killed the iPod Classic - James Cook, Business Insider
LG Confirms the Demise of Plasma TV - Se Young Lee, Reuters
Which Companies Protect You Best from Copyright Bullies? - EFF
Using Open Source to Recruit Talent - Matt Asay, ReadWrite
Subscription Service Coming to YouTube? - Lauren Goode, Re/Code
The Silicon Valley Rockefellers - Joel Kotkin, New Geography
Wi-Fi Transforming Africa - Tom Jackson, The Next Web
How Tinder Changed Dating - Vanessa Grigoriadis, Rolling Stone
Monday, October 27
Cities Taking Control of Broadband - Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica
9 of the Biggest Tech Flops - Darren Orf, Gizmodo
Busting the Tinder Creepers - Olga Khazan, The Atlantic
Rentals Hurting Amazon and Apple - Marcus Wohlsen, Wired
Should You Video Record Your Street for Money? - Elizabeth Rust, Guardian
Nokia Phones Returning in 2016? - Ewan Spence, Forbes
How to Erase Your Digital Footprint - Charlie Osborne, ZDNet
Have a High-Tech Halloween - Dan Tynan, Yahoo Tech
Try Out a Browser-Based Windows 93 - Kwame Opam, The Verge
Thursday, October 23
The Television Industry's Red Wedding Is Here - Peter Lauria, BuzzFeed
Amazon Spends and Grows, but Still Wants for Money - David Streitfeld, NYT
Why You Won't Get Hired at Google - Max Nisen, Quartz
6 Industries Primed to Profit from Wearables - Kim Shandrow, Entrepreneur
Working to Keep Porn & Death Off Your News Feeds - Adrian Chen, Wired
How Apple Plans to Increase iPhone 6 Supply - Chris Smith, BGR
The Bleak Future of Google's Search Business - Jim Edwards, Business Insider
Nike and Apple Collaborating on New Wearable - Samuel Gibbs, Guardian
Ford Working on Pedestrian Detection - Will Knight, MIT Technology Review
Ubuntu Turns 10 - Scott Gilbertson, Ars Technica
Wednesday, October 22
Ditching iPhone for Android? Google Shows You the Way - Mashable
How to Fix the 4 Most Annoying Quirks of Yosemite - Macworld
6 Questions to Answer Before Upgrading to OS X Yosemite - ZDNet
Windows 10: The Votes Are Pouring in for These 10 Features - PC World
Apple Pay: What's the Big Deal? - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
Meet the Best Desktop Computer Available - Darrell Etherington, TC
Inbox Is a Total Reinvention of Email from Google - Dieter Bohn, Verge
A Bluetooth Speaker for People Who Hate Bluetooth Speakers - Wired
IBM Needs to Get Its Head in the Cloud - Katie Benner, Bloomberg
iPad Air 2 (And a Few Cursory Words on the iPad Mini 3) - John Gruber
Am I Excited by the New iPads? Absolutely Not - Walt Mossberg, Re/Code
Rooftop Solar Is Just the Beginning - David Roberts, Grist
Tuesday, October 21
3 Takeaways From Apple's Earnings Report - Chris Ciaccia, The Street
IBM's Recent Focus: Shareholders, Not Growth - Andrew Sorkin, NY Times
Apple Pay And Google Wallet Square Off at McD's - Matthew Miller, ZDNet
Will Phablets Replace Tablets? - Seamus Condron, PC Mag
Most Hacks Still Due to Carelessness - Pamela Engel, Business Insider
How Tech Is Infiltrating Sports - Adam Popescu, FastCo
Internet TV Will Soon Just Be Called TV - Marcus Wohlsen, Wired
Get Your Own Hoverboard (for $10,000) - Matthew Sparkes, Telegraph
Sci-Fi Tech Becoming Reality - Hannah Ellis-Petersen, Guardian
Monday, October 20
Widespread Use of Apple Pay May Take Time - Lance Whitney, CNET
Big Tech Standing Up to Government Surveillance - Larry Seltzer, ZDNet
Flashlight Apps Selling Your Data to Advertisers - Robert McMillan, Wired
Microsoft's Watch Expected to Work with iOS, Android - Kevin Tofel, GigaOm
Death in the Social Media Age - Holly Baxter, Guardian
Who Killed the Nokia Phone? - Nykanen and Salminen, Livemint
Tepid US Phone Growth Expected - Matt Hamblen, Computerworld
Egg-Freezing Sends the Wrong Message to Women - Sabrina Parsons, BI
Top 10 User-Suggested Features for Windows 10 - Mark Hachman, PC World

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