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RealClearTechnology Evening Edition

Tuesday, April 22
The Truth About Netflix and Cable TV - Greg Scoblete, RealClearTechnology
Lytro Changed Photography, Does Anyone Care? - David Pierce, The Verge
Why Apple Is Like a Movie Studio - Walt Mossberg, Re/Code
Google, Buy Dropbox & Make the Future Great - J. Nathanson, Slate
Video Games Are Good for You. Here's Proof - Amy Reichelt, Conversation
Can a Normal User Justify a Mac Pro? - Julio Ojeda-Zapata, TidBITS
Take the AI Threat Seriously - Hawking, Tegmark, Russell & Wilczek, HP
Mind-Reading Has Moved from Impossible to Plausible - USA Today
Why the Time Is Right for an Amazon Phone - Scott Webster, CNET
Why Apple Can't Get Siri Right - Adventures in Tech
Why Aereo Thinks It Can Win - Anick Jesdanun, Associated Press
Monday, April 21
Robots Will Definitely Put Prostitutes Out of Work - John Danaher, ET
Why the iPad Needs to Change, Fast - Jean-Louis Gassee, Monday Note
Welcome to the Next Generation of USB - Brian Nadel, Computerworld
The Past and Promise of Apple TV - Christa Mrgan, Macworld
Will Broadcasters Nuke TV If Aereo Wins? - Peter Suciu, Fortune
Music Biz Is Trying, and Failing, to Kill Pandora - J. McDuling, Quartz
We're Idiots, But We Don't Have to Be - Rob Enderle, TechNewsWorld
Never Pay for Office Software Again - Eric Griffith, IT Pro Portal
The Amazing, Terrifying Future of Big Data - Vivek Wadhwa, Wash Post
How Smartphones Are Driving Our Cars - Matt Asay, ReadWrite
Friday, April 18
We Got Bookies to Predict the Future of Tech - Joseph Bernstein, BuzzFeed
The Crashes That Have Made Our Planes Safe - Jonathan Glancey, BBC
Microsoft Kicks Consumers in the Teeth - Woody Leonhard, InfoWorld
A 'Google' for Drugs and Guns - Kim Zetter, Wired
We Call BS on These 10 Tech Terms - George Dvorsky, io9
My Smart Home Turned Me Into a Spying Maniac - Joseph Volpe, Engadget
Google's Radical Smartphone Will Fail - P.E. Gobry, CITE World
Are HDTVs Obsolete Now? - Geoffrey Fowler, WSJ
Why I Dumped Google Docs for iWork - Mark Struczewski, iPhone Life
Tie Me Down: Conquer Cord Clutter Completely! - Marco Chiappetta, PCW
Thursday, April 17
How Google Botched the Biggest Thing Since the iPad - Jay Yarow, BI
It's Time to Encrypt the Entire Internet - Klint Finley, Wired
Just When You Thought Google Couldn't Get Any Creepier - ReadWrite
The Truth Is We're Scared of the Future - Greg Scoblete, RealClearTech
Here's What Americans Think Tech Will Look Like In 2064 - Huff Post
Facebook Launches 'Nearby Friends' Feature for Meet-Ups IRL - Mash
Heartbleed: Reality-Checking the 3 Most Hysterical Fears - PC World
Which Game Handheld Should You Buy? - Scott Stein, CNET
Say Hello to Microsoft 2.0 - John Kirk, Tech.pinions
This Rolling, Transforming Droid Is the Stuff of Nightmares - Vice
Red Hot Blocky Porn: Atari's Lost Adult Titles - Evan Dashevsky, PC Mag
Wednesday, April 16
iPad, iPad, Everywhere, Not an Android to See! - James Kendrick, ZDNet
New GOOG Phone Might Be the Last One You'll Need to Buy - Wired
6 Kinda Sorta Weird Things I Want from a New iPhone 6 - MarketWatch
How a Chinese Company 3-D Printed 10 Houses in a Day - Biz Insider
No Fingerprints: How to Stay Uber-Incognito Online - Alex Castle, PCW
Can "Old Man" Zuck and His Crew Stay Hip? - Farhad Manjoo, NY Times
The New Google Is Not The Old Google - Galen Gruman, InfoWorld
Smartphone Kill Switch in 2015? You Betcha - Todd Shields, Bloomberg
Not Everything Is "Sci-Fi," Google - Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic
No, Not Everyone Learns to Code...But They Should - Gregg Pollack, HP
The Past, Present and Future of Streaming Music - Pitchfork
Tuesday, April 15
An Exclusive Look Inside Google's Secretive Lab - Jon Gertner, FC
This Is Amazon's Smartphone - Zach Epstein, Boy Genius Report
How Google Is Reinventing the Smartphone - Dieter Bohn, The Verge
Inside the Huge FBI Facial Database That Threatens Our Privacy - EFF
TurboTax's Stealth War on Free, Simple Returns - Liz Day, ProPublica
Amazon Will Be Listening to Every Word You Say - M. Wohlsen, Wired
Why We Don't Know If We've Actually Built a Quantum Computer - QZ
The Ugly Truth Behind Heartbleed - Ariel Rabkin, TechPolicyDaily
Linux Is About to Take Over the Desktop. Seriously - Ken Hess, ZDNet
Should Google Know Our Darkest Secrets? - Christian Madsbjerg, Fortune
Monday, April 14
This Man Is Either Criminally Insane or Brilliant - Ben Popper, The Verge
Siri vs. Google Now vs. Cortana - Mark Hachman, TechHive
Please Don't Stop Making Phones BlackBerry! - Brian Heater, DT
Why I Dumped My iPhone 5s for the HTC One M8 - Joe Wilcox, Beta News
Technology Is Politics Now. Get Used to It - Jon Evans, TechCrunch
Microsoft's 5 Next Tests - Michael Endler, InformationWeek
This Is the OS Snowden Used to Evade the NSA Itself - Klint Finley, Wired
Surface Pro 2 + Windows 8.1 Update: Winning Combo? - J. Newman, Time
Only These People Should Buy Google Glass - Taylor Hatmaker, ReadWrite
4K Gaming: Gaming Nirvana, In Time - Joel Hruska, Extreme Tech

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