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Thursday, October 16
Apple Announces New iPads, OS X, Retina iMac - Natt Garun, Next Web
Will Google Build a Wireless Broadband Network? - Daniel Cooper, Engadget
Amazon's Phone Flopping - Brad Reed, Boy Genius Report
10 Best Features from Android 5.0 Lollipop - Alina Lewis, First Post
CBS Following in HBO's Footsteps - Brian Steinberg, Variety
Facebook Might Have Profiles on Non-Users - Sydney Brownstone, FastCo
The Endless Cybercrime Wave - Steve Ranger, ZDNet
UberPlus: For 'Balling on a Budget' - Matt Novak, Gizmodo
Where Is Android Headed? - Sascha Segan, PC Mag
Wednesday, October 15
Lookout Netflix, HBO Cutting Cord - James Hibberd, EW
It's Apple Event Eve - What to Expect - Andrew Cunningham, Ars Technica
Misjudging Our Abuse of Tech - Steven Johnson, Wired
Google Jumps Into VR - Sebastian Anthony, ExtremeTech
Life Saving 3D Printed Heart - Michelle Starr, CNET
YouTube Hits New Low With Prank Vids - Rob Walker, Yahoo! Tech
Net's Poodle Attack Not So Cute - David Hamilton, ReadWrite
Samsung's Note 4 Hints Computing's Future - Farhad Manjoo, NY Times
Latest Disappearing App Trick: Skype - J. Clifford, Uncover California
Is the iPad Still Relevant? - Dawn Chmielewski, Re/Code
Climate Change Skeptics Liars: Google - Herb Ryder, MaineNewsOnline
Teens Keen on Voice Search - Scott Huffman, News Room America
Tuesday, October 14
How to Fix the Internet - George Anders, MIT Technology Review
Google Sets Sights on Amazon - Charlie Osborne, ZDNet
Dropbox Denies Hack Claim - Mariella Moon, Engadget
Using Third-Party Sites to Hack Tech Giants - James Cook, Business Insider
Skype Launches Snapchat Rival - Emil Protalinski, Venture Beat
Netscape Navigator Turns 20 - Paul Sawers, The Next Web
Apple Watch's Achilles Heel is the iPhone - Chunka Mui, Forbes
Why Germans Fear Big Tech Companies - Anna Sauerbrey, BRW
Unlock Your Front Door With Your Phone - Stacey Higginbotham, GigaOm
Monday, October 13
AT&T Has an Alternative to ISP Fast Lanes - James O'Toole, CNN Money
There's a Ways to Go to Close the Tech Gender Gap - Janet Tu, Seattle Times
Download a Movie in Seconds by 2015 - Hugh Langley, Tech Radar
Keep Your Anonymity Online With This Device - Andy Greenberg, Wired
How the Blind Play Video Games - Jordan Erica Webber, The Guardian
Good Luck Deleting Your Online Accounts - Lauren Goode, Re/Code
When Is Stealing Not Stealing? When Apple Does It - Adriana Lee, ReadWrite
Microsoft's Future Must Include Free OS Upgrades - Owen Williams, Next Web
9 Waterproof Activity Trackers - Jill Duffy, PC Mag
Thursday, October 9
What to Expect From Tesla's Announcement Today - John McDuling, Quartz
Links to Replace E-Mail Attachments - Michael Endler, InformationWeek
A Wearable That Will Alter Your Mind - Christian de Looper, Tech Times
Airbnb and Uber Facing More Growing Pains - Ron Miller, TechCrunch
Snapchat's Business Plan? Spam - Jim Edwards, Business Insider
Macs Might Trump iPads at Apple's Event - Chris O'Brien, Venture Beat
Mojang's COO On Minecraft's Sprawling Brand - Stuart Dredge, Guardian
The 'Search Generation' Will Follow Millennials - James Kendrick, ZDNet
89 Ways to Sign Off On An E-mail - Susan Adams, Forbes
Wednesday, October 8
Fitbit: No Current iOS 8 Health App Plans - Jordan Kahn, 9 to 5 Mac
Invites Out for Oct. 16 Apple Event - Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch
Siri Can Rate/Identify Songs - Alex Washburn, Wired
Ebola-killing Robots to the Rescue? - John Hewitt, Extreme Tech
'Father' of Web Defends Net Neutrality - Mark Scott, New York Times
Google News & Weather App for iOS - Lance Whitney, CNET
Cash Machine Malware Raking in Millions - Tom Fox-Brewster, Guardian
'Different' Resonates Best With Teens - Piper Jaffray , MarketWatch
Google Street View Does Arabian Desert - Lance Whitney, CNET
Behind Facebook's Anonymity App - Kelly Fiveash, The Register
Eight Need-To-Knows About Windows 10 - Karan Bajaj, Economic Times
Push to Introduce Students to Coding - Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge
Tuesday, October 7
iPad Tops List of Kids' Favorite Brands - Aaron Mamiit, Tech Times
USB Malware Now Has a (Limited) Patch - Andy Greenberg, Wired
An Etsy for Florists Raises $5 Million in Funding - Sarah Perez, Tech Crunch
4 Tips for a Successful Kickstarter - John Brownlee, Fast Company
Apple Receives Patent for Digital Newspaper - James Cook, Business Insider
Google+ Here to Stay - Kurt Wagner, Re/Code
What's Holding Google Fiber Back? - Brian Fung, Washington Post
Why You Want a Privacy Pouch for Your Phone - David Meyer, GigaOm
Monday, October 6
Tim Cook Finally Makes Apple His Own - Tim Bajarin, PC Mag
Smartwatches Embrace Old Designs - John Brownlee, Fast Company
FCC May Help Cities Offer Their Own Internet - Jeff John Roberts, GigaOm
Social Networks Could Mine Non-Users' Data - Robert McMillan, Wired
Adobe Taking Another Swing at Mobile - Ina Fried, Re/Code
Google Brings Security Workers In-House - Erik Sherman, Forbes
Teens Driving Snapchat to $10 Billion Valuation - Selena Larson, ReadWrite
9 Cool Accessories for the iPhone 6 - Jonny Evans, Computerworld

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