Ten Technologies That Will Shape the Future
Future Technology
Posted On 04.22, 2013

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The famed physicist Freeman Dyson once remarked that technology is "perhaps the greatest of God's gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences."

Whatever your views on technology's divine origin, it's unquestionable that Dyson's technological reverence is well deserved. Today we see the fruits of technology in the computers we slip into our pockets, the cars we drive, the wars we fight, the medicine we consume and the work we do (or no longer do).

Technology invariably shapes and directs our future. To be aware of technology trends is to peek, however obliquely, at the future of human civilization. We've identified ten technologies that we believe will have a profound impact on our future. Some are already shaping society today. Others are poised to.

Given the pace of innovation in today's world, it's a given that unheard of technologies of equal or potentially greater significance than those canvassed here lie just around the corner. But for now, these are ten to watch.

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