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5 Amazing Kitchen Innovations for 2016

By Joe Liebkind

2016 is already well underway and one main trend continues gaining ground: smart homes. The kitchen is no exception, as there are exciting products due to hit the shelves for our kitchens of tomorrow. These include app-based products and innovations of typical kitchen items. So, if you’re looking to change the way your kitchen not only works, but thinks, here’s a compiled list of some of the brightest and most revolutionary new products for the coming year.

1) First thing: coffee. If coffee gets you out of bed, the Siemens automated espresso machine is for you. It works at the touch of your finger, meaning that you’ll be ready to take on the day by the time you put on your slippers. However, this auto espresso machine is not one for the faint-hearted with its $2,000 price tag.

2) Next, you'll need to prepare some dinner before leaving for work, maybe take some bits out of the freezer and put some vegetables in the crisper. Or, you could throw your food in bags and place them in the Mellow sous-vide cooker, which will refrigerate them until you’re ready to remotely cook them according to your specifications. The Mellow not only remembers how you like your food cooked, but it can keep food fresh and cook remotely and on demand. This gadget went into production after a successful crowd-funding campaign and has since had $2m in pre-orders. According to its manufacturers, it will start shipping in the spring for $500.

3) This one's for barbeque lovers. These Flame King YSNHTT Hybrid BBQ Temperature Tongs are the perfect innovative addition to your grill. The tongs can record the temperature of your grilling meat. These low-tech, high-function tongs ring up at an affordable $20.

4) In case you prefer to fry, there’s a perfect solution: the Pantelligent frying pan. This is a fantastic addition to any modern kitchen. Coming with an easy-to-use app, the Pantelligent frying pan can measure the temperature of the food it cooks without users having to tear food apart with a knife or fork. Based on the weight of the food, it also suggests ideal cooking times to let you know when it’s finished. The Pantelligent doesn’t start shipping again until next month. However, until then, you can claim 25% off the usual $200 price tag.

5) Sometimes, simple innovation reigns. While the Obol cereal bowl is hardly at the forefront of modern technology, the ingenuity of this product lies in its simplicity. With this bowl, the solids go on the high ground and the liquids go in the low ground. The result, its creators suggest, is never having to put up with soggy cereal again. Nothing wrong with reinventing the bowl. Plus, this little gem costs less than $15 on Amazon.

Most might not associate futuristic innovations with cooking or grilling. However, the kitchen is getting swept up in the 'smart' wave just like every other room of the house. This year will witness a number of new and innovative gadgets that wil make the cooking experience easier and more time-efficient. The products and technologies showcased here do not all necessarily equal innovation, but indicate a new era that will likely change how we prepare and consume food.

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