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Ten Most Popular Passwords

By Greg Scoblete

Google Apps surveyed 2,000 UK internet users to learn about their password habits. What they found was somewhat alarming. Just about half -- 48 percent -- shared their password with another person and 10 percent admitted that they guessed a co-worker's password to gain access to an account.

Google also released a list of the top ten most popular password choices. Drum roll please:

1) Pet's name
2) Significant dates (like a wedding anniversary)
3) Date of birth of close relation
4) Child's name
5) Other family member's name
6) Place of birth
7) Favourite holiday
8) Something related to favourite football team
9) Current partner's name
10) The word "password"


Greg Scoblete (@GregScoblete) is the editor of RealClearTechnology and an editor on RealClearWorld. He is the co-author of From Fleeting to Forever: A Guide to Enjoying and Preserving Your Digital Photos and Videos.

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