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Net Neutrality Activists Need to Man Up

By Mike Wendy

Remember a couple years back when the FCC grabbed control of the Internet with its Net Neutrality rules? Do you know who helped bring those harmful rules to life? It was the Soros-backed, special interest group called Free Press - a radical clan bent on getting capitalism out of the Internet so that top-down officials and elites can "better serve" Americans instead.

Well, those lovable liberals are at it again. It seems Net Neutrality wasn't enough, and the activists want to go further in bringing Internet providers to their knees as they strive to serve customers. But unlike before - when the group had its former communications person working directly for the FCC's Chairman, or when it had a near incestual relationship with another of the FCC's majority commissioners - it's worried the FCC will be browbeaten into becoming, gasp, more market friendly to 21st Century, Internet consumers.

In a statement last week, Free Press accused AT&T of "bullying [and] intimidation."

Now, that's quite an accusation.

And just what has tyrannical AT&T done to so cow the Commission? Apparently Free Press felt the FCC might be intimidated by a blog AT&T posted last week that noted that an entire year has passed without FCC action on a formal request that it modernize some of its administration and forbear from applying telegraph-era rules to today's high-speed Internet Protocol networks.

Who knew the FCC is so faint of heart? Or that blog posts were so scary?

Consistency in thought and position has never been a strong point for Free Press, especially when it conflicts with their short-term interests of the day. Recall, that these are the same folks that once put out a "Wanted" poster featuring FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and called him "Obama's Waffler."

Recall also that it took the group eight months to cough up the names of its funders to Congress after it explicitly agreed to do so during a hearing on the FCC's Net Neutrality rules. When it eventually got around to doing it, it decided on its own bully-self that the requester - Representative Marsha Blackburn (R) - wasn't entitled to all the names it agreed to supply.

Oh, well.

Only a true bully could get away with that disrespectful nonsense.

But this is par for the course. For Free Press, bullying only occurs when their opponents avail themselves of their rights before the FCC and elsewhere. Free Press' hardcore lobbying and other "public interest" shenanigans are off limits, of course. After all, they are above the rules because, well, they're "right," and only troglodytes could believe in the virtue of markets.

It seems to me that Free Press ought to take a hard look in the mirror. Hypocrisy is never attractive. Nor is being wrong.

Mike Wendy is the director of Media Freedom.

Mike Wendy
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