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Tablets Top "Peace and Happiness" as Holiday Gift of Choice

By Greg Scoblete

The Consumer Electronics Association has taken the pulse of the holiday shopper and, not surprisingly, discovered we want a lot of technology. In their 19th annual Holiday Purchase Patterns Study, the CEA found:

Consumer electronics continue to be among the most wanted gifts this holiday and are expected to account for nearly a third of all gift spending. On average, consumers plan to spend $1,634 overall this holiday, up 11 percent from last year. Consumers plan to allocate $842 from their overall budget towards gifts, up nine percent from 2011. Consumers plan to spend $252 on CE this year, on par with last year's number of $246, and three in four (76 percent) of gift giving adults plan to purchase CE products as a gift this year.

Here's what we want, in order of most to least desired: tablets, televisions, phones, smartphone, notebooks. Interestingly, when paired against a general holiday wishlist, tablets still come out on top - over "money" and "peace/happiness."

Who says we're a hopelessly materialistic culture?

Greg Scoblete (@GregScoblete) is the editor of RealClearTechnology and an editor on RealClearWorld. He is the co-author of From Fleeting to Forever: A Guide to Enjoying and Preserving Your Digital Photos and Videos.

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