Introducing RealClearTechnology Reviews

By Greg Scoblete

Our goal at RealClearTechnology is to bring you the best technology reporting, opinion and analysis from around the web, every day, seven days a week. To that end, we're pleased to introduce our newest feature: reviews. Here's how it works: we identify some of the top products in a given category and aggregate the best reviews for that particular product to give you a sense of what the best tech reviewers think. We won't post every review for a product - only the ones we deem the most substantive, informative and representative of the range of opinion on a particular product.

As you investigate a product, you'll see an RCT Score. This reflects the number of positive reviews a particular product receives. The more positive reviews, the higher the RCT Score. Each individual review is accompanied by a tiny symbol to give you a quick, visual snapshot of the verdict. Thumbs up and thumbs down need no explanation (I hope) but when you see this symbol:  it means the review was mixed or caveated in such a way as to make a firm recommendation impossible (it happens).

Condensing a review to a symbol is, at best, an imprecise science and we encourage you to click through to get a more nuanced take.

We'll be adding new products and new categories to our reviews section regularly, so check back often. As always, if you have any suggestions, tips or feedback please send them our way.

Greg Scoblete is the editor of RealClearTechnology.

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