Gadget of the Week: Bathroom Video Games

By Greg Scoblete

While Americans were pepper-spraying one another for an Xbox, UK residents were able to spray their way into a new type of video game - one controlled by pee. The Exhibit bar in south London was among the first to install a series of urinal games developed by Captive Media that use the direction of a player's execretion to control game play.

Here's how it works: 12-inch LCD displays above the urinal play ads until the "gamer" approaches. Sensors detect when a player is in position and switches the display to game mode. Then they're off - moving the flow to the left or right to navigate through a game, like downhill skying.

This lavatory luxury was the brainchild of Gordon MacSween, founder of Captive Media (apt title, that) who told Time Out London that in beta trials the urinal games have inspired "toilet parties" in bars where groups will head to the head to test their mettle.

There are currently three games in production - On the Piste, Breakthrough and Clever Dick (a quiz game with true/false answers). At the end of each game, users get a unique code which they can use on to compare scores. Gordon noted that in the bar where his unique games were installed, there was less vandalism and, interestingly, less "splashing around."

Score one for creative sanitation.

Greg Scoblete is the editor of RealClearTechnology.

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