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Monday, August 3
10 Overlooked New Features in Windows 10 - Chris Hoffman, How To Geek
Windows 10 Vs 8 Vs 7: What's The Difference? - Gordon Kelly, Forbes
How Fast Can Windows 10 Grow? - Ed Bott, ZDNet
Dear Apple, Please Be Nice to Microsoft - Matt Weinberger, Business Insider
Why Google Should Buy Twitter - Matt Kapko, CIO
Forget Tweetstorms. The Era of Retweetstorms is Here - Wired
Ephemeral Vs. Perpetual Messaging - Dave Vronay, TechCrunch
11 Awesome Futuristic Car Concepts - K. Thor Jensen, PC Magazine
Hacked Jeep Exposes Weak Underbelly of High-Tech Cars - Bloomberg
Self-Driving Cars Would Make LA the Greatest City - J. Fox, Bloomberg
Steam Gauge: Measuring the Value of the Steam Summer Sale - Ars
Seeing Again Thanks to a Bionic Eye - Ryan Grenoble, Huffington Post
Saturday, August 1
Windows 10: Everything You Need to Know - Brad Chacos, PC World
Microsoft Reveals Some Unexpected Plans for Windows 10 - Biz Insider
Netflix vs. The World: Foreign Streamers Prepare for War - THR
The Rest of 2015 Will Be Good to EA - Paul La Monica, CNN Money
Everything We Know About the New Apple TV - Tech Insider
11 Force Touch Commands for Mac Users - Jonny Evans, Computerworld
The 10 Best Ultraportable Laptops of 2015 - Brian Westover, PC Magazine
Why Bitcoin Should Become Official - Gregory Ferenstein, ReadWrite
The Way You Type Could Expose You Online - C. Pulliam-Moore, Fusion
My Outrage Is Better Than Your Outrage - James Hamblin, The Atlantic
Friday, July 31
Windows 10: 5 Reasons It Matters, 5 Key Concerns - InfoWeek
In Microsoft's Nokia Debacle, a View of an Industry's Feet of Clay - NYT
Your Next Flagship Phone Might Cost Less Than $300 - R. Cheng, CNET
Moto G Hands-On: How Does This Phone Cost $180?! - Computerworld
The Tweets and Yelps of an Overvalued Market - Dan Gallagher, WSJ
Dog-Sitting in the On-Demand Age - Justin Fox, Bloomberg View
Is Uber Good for New York? - Felix Salmon, Fusion
America Offline - Adrienne Lafrance, The Atlantic
How Amazon's Drone Superhighway Would Work - D. Nield, ReadWrite
Everything Great About Windows' Killer New Browser - Wired
Thursday, July 30
Windows 10 Marks Turnaround Moment for Microsoft - Nick Statt, CNET
The Man Who Designed Windows 10 - David Goldman, CNN Money
Windows 10: A Mac User Falls for the PC Again - Joanna Stern, WSJ
Critics of 'Sexist Algorithms' Mistake Symptoms for Illness - ITIF
Dropbox Is Under Siege -- But It's Not Slowing Down - M. Helft, Forbes
8 Awkward Celebrity Tech Product Launches - Dina Bass, Bloomberg
Maybe Everything Could Be a Wireless Charger - Eric Griffith, PC Mag
How Many Times Has Your Info Been Exposed to Hackers? - NY Times
Now eSports Has Its Own Drug Scandal - Nick Stockton, Wired
A Simple Guide to Android's Latest Unlocked Phones - Computerworld
How Digital Disruption Is Affecting Jobs - Matt McFarland, WaPo
10 Things Windows 10 Does Better Than Windows 8 - Brad Chacos, CIO
A Health-Tracking App You Might Actually Stick With - Tech Review
Using Eyedrops, Not Goggles, to See in the Dark - Rose Eveleth, Atlantic
I Communicated Only Using My Voice for a Week - D. Hernandez, Fusion
Wednesday, July 29
Frustration, Anger As Apple's Reputation Tumbles - Ewan Spence, Forbes
10 iPhone Apps That Will Make Your Life and Work Much Easier - Inc.
10 Ways Windows 10 Will Advance The Internet Of Things - InfoWeek
Windows 10's Cortana Has Plenty to Offer - Brad Chacos, PC World
New Moto X Will Change How We Buy Phones - David Pierce, Wired
How to Feed a Data-Hungry Public - McDowell & Genachowski, WSJ
Hands-On: Moto X Style - Dan Seifert, The Verge
China's Been a Tough Nut for US Tech. Except for Uber - Washington Post
How Bad is Stagefright for Android Users? - S. Vaughan-Nichols, ZDNet
OnePlus 2: Promising 'iPhone Specs at Half the Price' - USA Today
Debating the Safety of Driverless Cars - Lauren Keating, Tech Times
We're Not Sure How Apple Music is Doing - Peter Kafka, Re/Code
Start-Up Culture Encourages Selling Instead of Nurturing - Telegraph
Slideshow: Windows Through the Years - Chloe Albanesius, PC Magazine
Hawking, Musk, & Wozniak Concerned About Killer AI - Fusion
Tuesday, July 28
Windows 10: What to Expect and How to Download - R. Brandom, Verge
Why Windows 10 Is So Important for Microsoft's Future - Time
Windows 10: Fact vs. Fiction - Woody Leonhard, CIO
How Do Search Warrants Affect Driverless Cars? - J. Frank Weaver, Slate
Netflix Refines Its DVD Business as Streaming Unit Booms - NY Times
How Prevalent is the Gig Economy? - Sussman & Zumbrun, WSJ
Choose Your Reality: Virtual, Augmented or Mixed - Eric Johnson, Re/Code
Why I'm Not Done with Apple Music - Dave Mark, Loop Insight
Google+ Death March Continues - Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch
End of Life: Haunting Pics of Computer Junkyards - Benj Edwards, PCM
Your TV Might Be Robbing You of the Whole Picture - G. Morrison, CNET
Making Pig Fat into a Laser - Karen Weintraub, MIT Technology Review
16 Trends That Will Change the Games Industry - Guardian
Nike's Goofy Ice Hat Might Keep Athletes Cooler - Lanks & Stinson, Wired
Writing Cyber into the Science of War - William Leigher, Raytheon
Monday, July 27
10 Annoyingly Addictive iPhone, Android Apps - Kelly Sheridan, InfoWeek
What Startups Can Learn From Jet.com's Awesome Video - ReadWrite
A Projector You Can Fit in Your Pocket - Tim Moynihan, Wired
The 100 Best Android Apps of 2015 - Max Eddy, PC Magazine
Classic Games We'd Like to See Fixed - Alex Hern, Guardian
Which Wearable Is Best for You? - Matthew Miller, ZDNet
Flying Cars Exist (But We Can't Drive Them Yet) - Robert Hackett, Fortune
Fight for YouTube Stars Heats Up - Alistair Barr, Wall Street Journal
How Amazon Could Drive Blended Reality Into The Living Room - TC
Gigabit Internet Access Grows Out of Its Niche - Steven Max Patterson, CIO
What Do You Know About Your Phone's Tracking Ability? - D. Nield, TR
Bitcoin Becomes Payment of Choice for Ransom - Nathaniel Popper, NYT
Speeding Up 3-D Printing - Katherine Bourzac, MIT Technology Review
Console Wars Get Silly - Paul Tassi, Forbes
Saturday, July 25
Amazon Fire Phone at 1: Why It Flopped - R. Cheng & B. Fox Rubin, CNET
Comcast Employees Can No Longer Call You an A**hole - J. Brodkin, Ars
Feeling Lazy? Try These Apps - K. Thor Jensen, PC Magazine
Uber Makes Its Pain New Yorkers' Problem - Ginia Bellafante, NYT
The History and Future of Wireless Charging - Sarah White, CIO
Uber NYC Impact Data Up for Debate - Carl Bialik, FiveThirtyEight
Will Embarrassment Die Along with Online Privacy? - Guardian
5 Wearables to Get You Going at Work - Tess Townsend, Inc.
Smartwatches Vulnerable to Cyberattacks - Jai Vijayan, DarkReading
Could AI Lose Its Mind? - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
PlayStation vs. Xbox: Which Console Has The Best Exclusives? - TT
Drones and Spyware: The Bizarre Tale of a Brutal Kidnapping - Wired
Friday, July 24
Is Microsoft Office Still Useful? - Oliver Marks, ZDNet
Cellphone Carrier Access Fees Are Absurd - Stewart Wolpin, Tom's Guide
How do SSDs Work? - Joel Hruska, ExtremeTech
Will Apple Be the Smartwatch Savior? - Samuel Gibbs, Guardian
Apple's Solid Financial Results Aren't Enough - Shara Tibken, CNET
There's Room for More Than Just the iPhone in the Market - InfoWeek
Smartphone Growth in China Has Flattened - Bloomberg
Could Your Car Get Hacked? - Marco della Cava & Nathan Bomey, USA Today
How Microsoft Is Waging War Against Revenge Porn - A. Newcomb, ABC
The Real Threat of Privacy & Data in 2015 - Will Staton, Medium
When Technology and Policy Collide - Kim-Mai Cutler, TechCrunch
Google Doing Its Part to Fight Patent Trolls - Sean Buckley, Engadget
Why Your Internet Prices Are Bound to Go Up - Brian Fung, WaPo
Looking Back on the Amiga As It Turns 30 - Nathan Mattise, Ars Technica
7 Robots Every Geeky 80s Kid Wanted - Benj Edwards, PC Magazine

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