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Thursday, September 18
Musk: Solar-Charged Battery May Power Homes - J. Booton, MarketWatch
Customer Security Apple's Top Concern: Tim Cook - 9 to 5 Mac
Google to Expand Interests Beyond the Web - Vlad Savov, The Verge
Japan, Where the Music CD Reigns Supreme - Ben Sisario, New York Times
Amazon on Fire With New Tablets and E-readers - Andrew Nusca, Fortune
Police Tool Detects Texting While Driving - Darlene Storm, Computerworld
Bezos Entering Rocket Engine Biz - Kyung M. Song, Seattle Times
Sensors Keep Alzheimer's Patients Safe - Heather Kelly, CNN
Microsoft Believes It is Going to Die - John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine
Technology that Allows Cars to Avoid Traffic - Stephen Lawson, PC World
Lasers Brings Turrets Back To Airplanes - Kelsey Atherton, Popular Science
Warning Over ISIS Cyber Threat - Times of India
Wednesday, September 17
Apple: How to Drop Android - Dave Neal, The Inquirer
Apple's Retail Store Launch Day Gameplan - 9 to 5 Mac
$9,000 to Join 'Facebook for Rich People' - Chloe Albanesius, PC Magazine
GoPro Wearing Homeless People Capture Their Life - Leslie Katz, CNET
Meet Zuta, The Tiny Robotic Printer - Niv Lilien, ZDNet
Microsoft Schedules Win 9 Event for Sept. 30 - Paul Lilly, Maximum PC
Hollywood Swooping In on YouTubeâs Party - Brooks Barnes, NY Times
Calif. Issues Permits For Self-Driving Cars - John Anon, Android Headlines
Motorola, In Search of Its Salad Days - Jason Cipriani, Fortune
Samsung Debuts Sitcom on Employee Life - ZDNet Korea
Drones and Lasers Used to Capture Ancient Maya Sites -
Congress: No Fines for Bad Reviews - Adi Robertson, The Verge
Tuesday, September 16
Microsoft Buys Into Minecraft Cult - Shira Ovide, Wall Street Journal
Samsung Takes Swings at Apple Fans - Mike Beasley, 9 to 5 Mac
IoT Brings New Security Risks - Adam Bender, Computerworld
Google, Twitter Join Facebook's Latest Project - Jack Clark, Bloomberg
China Tests Sidewalk Smartphone Lane - Chris Matyszczyk, CNET
Video Now Part of Big Data Conversation - Dr. Sean Varah, Wired
Biggest Photo Show Left? It's Photokina - Dan Seifert, The Verge
Over 4 Million iPhone 6 Pre-Orders - Julia Love, San Jose Mercury-News
Google: Governments Crave User Data - Conor Dougherty, New York Times
HTC Taking Aim at GoPro With Action Cam Launch? - The Sun Daily
Soft Exosuit Addresses Stamina, Injuries - Ryan Whitwam, Extreme Tech
Monday, September 15
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles in Analog - Steve Guttenberg, CNET
Windows Threshold Videos Leak - Michael Endler, InformationWeek
Why Comcast Is the Most Hated Company In America - Nasdaq
Hitting the Brake on Texting While Driving - Matt Richtell, New York Times
Android Alternatives to the Apple iPhone 6 - Lynn La, CNET
Did LG Execs Vandalize Samsung Washers? - Jonathan Cheng, WSJ
Chinese City Tests Sidewalk Lanes for Cellphone Users - Katie Hunt, CNN
No Place on the Web For Discrimination - M. Beckerman, Inside Sources
Reno Air Races Draw Drones - Martin Griffith, SF Gate
In Defense of Email - Gordon Mangione, Venture Beat
A Cambrian Explosion In AI Is Coming - Dag Kittlaus, TechCrunch
A Look at the Earth-Bound Shuttle Enterprise - C. Johnston, Ars Technica
Saturday, September 13
Apple's iPhone Plus On Backorder - Timothy Stenovec, Huffington Post
Best 10 Smartphones for the Holidays - Matthew Miller, ZDNet
How Instagram's Drug Deals Go Undetected - Fletcher Babb, Venture Beat
An Apple iBank is Only a Matter of Time - David Weidner , MarketWatch
A Conversation With Peter Thiel - Quentin Hardy, New York Times
15 Old Gadgets That Live On In Our Hearts - Darren Orf, Gizmodo
DirecTV CEO Sees AT&T Merger Closing Next April - Reuters
NFL Announcers Call Microsoft's Tablets iPads - Paul Lilly, Maximum PC
Ant-Sized Radios to Connect the World - Kyle Maxey,
My First Time on an Electric Unicycle - Amanda Kooser, CNET
Green Monsters: The Electric Bike Wars - Hannah Elliot, Forbes
$100K for LG's 105-Inch TVâand is Cheap - Wilson Rothman, WSJ
Friday, September 12
Apple Watch: Happening or Hapless? - Sebastian Anthony, Extreme Tech
Let Trade-in Offers for iPhone 6 Begin - Adam Clark Estes, Gizmodo
Google Grabs Polling Startup for Google+ Buzz - Chris Velazco, Engadget
Android Apps Available for Chrome OS - Ron Amadeo, Ars Technica
Samsung Responds: Galaxy Alpha, Note 4 - ET Bureau, Economic Times
HP Acquires Eucalyptus to Bolster Helion - Neil McAllister, The Register
Facebook Adding Self-Destructing Posts? - Bridget Carey, CNET
In-Store Pickup on iPhone 6 Pre-orders - Dom Esposito, 9 to 5 Mac
Apple Watch Apps, Accessories Tidal Wave - Alex Washburn, Wired
Moral Judgements: There's an App for That - Greg Miller, Wired
Thursday, September 11
What Apple's U2 Album Means For Apple - Zack Greenburg, Forbes
Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent - Nick Bilton, New York Times
Why Apple Pay Will Hurt PayPal - Jason Del Rey, Re/Code
Culture Clash: Minecraft Fans Fear Microsoft - Evelyn M. Rusli, WSJ
5M Gmail Passwords Dumped Online - Lucian Constantin, PC World
Facebook Testing Self-Destruct Option - Angela Moscaritolo, PC Magazine
Macworld Shutters Print Publications - Christina Warren, Mashable
RadioShack in Survival Mode - Nick Brown , Reuters
Netflix Fighting For Net Neutrality - Emily Peck, Huffington Post
Will Ferrell Uses Video Games to Fight Cancer - Eddie Makuch, Gamespot
Intel's Jimmy, the 21st Century Robot - Dean Takahashi, Venture Beat
The Tech of the 9/11 Memorial Museum - Andrew Rothschild, Yahoo! News
Wednesday, September 10
Apple Goes Big and Small With iPhone 6 and Watch - Brian Chen, NY Times
iPhone 6 Plus Hands-On: It's So Big - Sean Hollister, Gizmodo
Apple Watch Hands-On: Plenty of Promise - Lance Ulanoff, Mashable
Tim Cook: 'This is epic' - Marco della Cava, USA Today
Apple Says a Silent Goodbye to iPod Classic - Nick Statt, CNET
'Destiny' Review - Day One: To The Moon Alice! - Erik Kain, Forbes
Intel Announces New Basis Peak Smartwatch - Mark Hachman, PC World
PayPal Embraces Bitcoin - Kim-Mai Cutler, TechCrunch
Going Freemium Can Lead to a $1B Business - Roger Lee, Venturebeat
Fanboys, Can't We All Just Get Along? - Seamus Condron, PC Magazine
Tech Firms Join Internet Slowdown on Sept. 10 - Charlie Osborne , ZDNet
The War Of Zeros And Ones - Peter Singer, Popular Science
Tuesday, September 9
Trade in That Old iPhone - Jennifer Jolly, USA Today
How Hubble Puts the Color in Space - Michelle Starr, CNET
Home Depot Confirms Hacking - Rich McCormick, The Verge
Twitter "Buy Button" Creates Shopping Frenzy - Reuters
Google Trouble Abroad Over U.S. Tech Dominance - D. Hakim, NY Times
Pressure on Apple to do Something Big - Marco della Cava, USA Today
Camera Takes Photos in Total Darkness - David Cardinal, Extreme Tech
How Your Brain Reacts to Social Media - Max Knoblauch, Mashable
Math Genius Taught Us How to Hold Pizza - Aatish Bhatia, Wired
Talking Car Tech a Bit Scary for Some - Ken Klayman, Reuters
10Mbps Too Fast for Broadband? AT&T Says Yes - J. Brodkin, Ars Technica
Monday, September 8
Eight Things To Know About the iPhone 6 - David Pierce, The Verge
Sept. 9: The Nexus of All Things High-Tech - Dean Takahashi, Venture Beat
Apple's Tim Cook Faces Defining Moment - Chris O'Brien, LA Times
Bungie CEO Talks About Destiny - Brier Dudley, Seattle Times
Vermont Cafe Bans Laptops and Tablets - Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian
GoTenna Attracts Antisurveillance Crowd - Nick Statt, CNET
So Bill Gates Has This Idea for a History Class - Andrew Sorkin, NY Times
Tech Brokers Deliver Your Data to the NSA - Zack Whittaker, ZDNet
Robot Servants May, Eventually, Ruin Your Life - Evan Selinger, Wired
Facebook Adding Video View Counts - Josh Constine, TechCrunch
Etsy, Kickstarter, Reddit to Protest Net Neutrality - Liz Gannes, Re/Code
Five Nigerian Gangs Run Most Craigslist Scams - Jeremy Kirk, PC World

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