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Wednesday, January 28
This Guy Found a Way to Block Robocalls - Robert McMillan, Wired
Microsoft's HoloLens Broke my Brain - Jim Hunter, Venture Beat
Apple Sells 74.5M iPhones, Profit Sets Record - Christina Farr, Reuters
Apple Watch Will Hit Stores This April - Harrison Weber, Venture Beat
Twitter Adds Group Messaging and Video Recording - Vindu Goel , NYT
6 Pieces Of Gear To Turn You Into A Winter Warrior - Dan Moren, PopSci
Drunk Drives Drone Into White House - Molly Brown, Geekwire
Do You Know What Your Apps Are Up To? - Natasha Lomas, TechCrunch
A Bluetooth Headset That Captures Your Calls - Jaime Brackeen, Engadget
3 Top Apps For Freelance Marketers - Steve Olenski, Forbes
Super Bowl Boosting 4K TV Sales - Pulkit Chandna , TechHive
Android Essentials: 13 Apps I Can't Live Without - JR Raphael, Computerworld
Tuesday, January 27
Is Google Now Casting Wireless Net? - Mike Farrell, Multichannel News
iPhone 6 Closes Samsung Sales Gap - Daisuke Wakabayashi, WSJ
HoloLens the Next Google Glass? - Lindsey O'Donnell, CRN
T-Mobile Offering Hot Smartphone Deals - Cherlynn Low, Tom's Guide
Apple Slimmest Air Ready to Launch - Chris Smith, BGR
Cablevision Jumps in Wi-Fi-Only Service - Don Resinger, CNET
Sling TV Figures Out Internet Television - Sean Buckley, Gizmodo
Facebook 'Lite' in Emerging Markets - Angela Moscaritolo, PC Mag
Ranking the Top In-Flight Wi-Fi Offerings - Zainab Mudallal, Quartz
Tech Giants Dig in on Investment Front - Quentin Hardy, NY Times
Monday, January 26
Galaxy S6 & iPhone 7: Specs, Release Date - Christopher Morris, Valuewalk
Sling TV Review: Taking TV Back - Nate Swanner, SlashGear
Could Microsoft's HoloLens Be The Real Deal? - Paul Tassi, Forbes
Win 10, Mac Gaming, and Turning the Battleship - Mark Crump, Gigacom
Walmart Attacks Chromecast with $25 Vudu Spark - The Verge
12 Ways Tech Could Land You in Jail (Or Worse) - Chandra Steele, PC Mag
Google: Broadband Will Save the World - Gregory Ferenstein, Venture Beat
6 Reasons Ubernomics Could Fail the World - Bob Sullivan, Geekwire
Which Mobile Data Provider is Best? - Preston Gralla, Computerworld
One Month with Android Wear 5.0 - Andrew Cunningham, Ars Technica
Google, Cablevision Challenge Wireless Industry - Ryan Knutson, WSJ
NHL All Stars Pack Go Pro Cameras During Game - SlashGear
Saturday, January 24
Google Discloses Apple OS X Vulnerabilities - Charlie Osborne, CNET
Apple Pay Is Taking Over Mobile Shopping - Brian Solomon, Forbes
Sprint Entices T-Mobile Users with $200 Trade-in - Tom's Guide
Google Will Not Buy Twitter. Yet. - Chris O'Brien, Venture Beat
Study: Most Q4 Phone Activations were iPhones - Mark Sullivan, Venture Beat
PlayStation Now Proves Game Streaming Works - Kyle Orland, Ars Technica
FBI, Marshals Stock Up on Wall-Pentrating Radars - Mariella Moon , Engadget
9 Early Samsung Galaxy S6 Buyers Tips - Adam Mills, GottaBeMobile
Silicon Valley's Best are Paid Like Rock Stars - Jennifer Booton, MarketWatch
iRobot Starts VC Shop, Robot Domination Near - Jon Shieber, TechCrunch
Apple Pay, Google Wallet Making Inroads - Doug Olenick, TheStreet
Laser Transforms Metal Into Super Slick Surface - Todd Leopold, CNN
Friday, January 23
What's Coming in Windows 10 Phones? - Sascha Segan, PC Mag
YouTube Competitor Vessel Launches Beta - Jana Kaiser, Voice Chronicle
Twitter Intros Tweet Recap Service - Stephanie Mlot, PC Mag
New Ford Silicon Valley Auto-Tech Facility - Marco delia Cava, USA Today
Wireless Data Plan Battles Rage On - Roger Cheng, CNET
BlackBerry 'Forcing' Hardware Support - Simon Rockman, The Register
New Keyboard a 'Hacker Foiler' - Michael Franco, CNET
Photography That Makes You Look 'Sexy' - Greg Scoblete, PDN
BMW/Volkswagen Team on Car Charging Stations - Aaron Tilley, Forbes
Samsung Debuts 1TB Portable Drive - Jonathan Clifford , Uncover California
Thursday, January 22
What Happens When Facebook Is Hacked? - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
The 5 Best Features Android Should Steal from iOS - PC World
Time to Say Goodbye to the Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor? - ReadWrite
Samsung's New Superphone Is Almost Here - Nate Ralph, CNET News
From Needing Windows to Loving Windows - Jan Dawson, Techpinions
Next Up for Microsoft? Closing the App Gap - Greg Keizer, Computerworld
Windows 10: Cortana, a New Browser ... and Holograms? - PC Magazine
Nobody Is Using Google+ - Joshua Barrie, Business Insider
Scientists Upload a Worm's Mind Into a Lego Robot - Peter Shadbolt, CNN
Dell Venue 8 7000 Tablet: Ultra-Thin, with Intel RealSense - ZDNet
5 Things That Need to Be Fixed ASAP with Android 5.0 - Computerworld
When Did Apple Become the Boring One? - Aaron Souppouris, Engadget
Moot Reflects On 11 Years Running 4chan, The Web's Wild West - TC
These Will Be the Hottest Wii U Games of 2015 - Matt Peckham, Time
The 20 Movies We'll Wait in the Cold to See at Sundance - Wired
Wednesday, January 21
Revenge of the Flip Phone - David Nield, TechRadar
Hey Dummy, Stop Using These Passwords - Stephanie Mlot, PC Mag
What We Want to See from Win 10 Today - Nate Ralph, CNET
Obama Promises to Promote Net Neutrality, Broadband - Grant Gross, CW
SpaceX Lands $1 Billion From Google and Fidelity - Quentin Hardy, NY Times
Facebook to Let You Flag Hoax News Stories - Marcus Wohlsen, Wired
Acer Beefs Up Student Chromebooks - Niels Broekhuijsen, Tom's Hardware
Why Racial Diversity in Tech is Hard Solve - Micah Singleton , The Verge
Apple Brings Analytics to Beats with Musicmetric - Matt Brian, Engadget
Amazon Wind Farm Powers Data Center - Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch
Cortana's Advice: Bet Against the Seattle Seahawks - Todd Bishop, Geekwire
Putin Unimpressed with Russian Killer Robot - Kelsey D. Atherton, PopSci
Tuesday, January 20
Did NSA Breach N. Korea Before Sony Attack? - David Sanger , NY Times
Driverless Cars in Public: 2-5 Years - Jeff Gilbert, CBS News
Freelance Cyber-Spies for Hire on Web - Amanda Schupak, CBS News
Google Glass Retreat a Hardware Issue - Conor Dougherty, Boston Globe
Drones, VR Drive Facebook Hiring Spree - Carmel DeAmicis, GigaOm
Love Cyber-Shop/Hate Security Concerns - Nate Swanner, SlashGear
Tech Trouble Connecting...With People - Shi Lirong, S. China Morning Post
Microsoft Touts Latest Windows - Shira Ovide, Wall Street Journal
Google Invests Close to $1B for SpaceX - Rolfe Winkler, Wall Street Journal
$1M Amazon Robot for Sale - David M. Demar, SMN Weekly
NFC Hot Topic at Mobile World Congress - Pablo Valerio, EE Times of India
Monday, January 19
Microsoft Looks to Win 10 for a Mobile Jolt - Nick Wingfield, NY Times
Quantum Dots and Why I Want Them in My TV? - Tim Moynihan , Wired
NY Times, WaPo, NBC Test News-Gathering Drones - Molly Brown, GW
Turkey To Twitter: Block Newspaper Account - Jon Fingas, Engadget
How Xiaomi Keeps Smartphone Cost Low - Jon Russell, TechCrunch
Google Linking Directly to Event Tickets - Adam Westlake, SlashGear
What's Holding Back the Internet of Things? - Kim Gaskins, Venture Beat
12 Hidden Facebook Features - Evan Dashevsky, PC Mag
Teen Turns Internship Into a Game Design Career - Kyle Russell, TC
NSA Spied on North Korea Before Sony Hack - Sean Gallagher, Ars Technica
Driverless Car Test Areas Expand in U.S. - Jennifer Booton, MarketWatch
A $3,300 refrigerator With Built-in Keurig - David Goldman , CNN

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