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Wednesday, April 23
What's Next for Windows? We Have Clues - Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet
Time to Talk About How Badly Tim Cook Is Blowing It - Jay Yarrow, BI
Apple, Take Some Risks with the iPhone 6 - Taylor Martin, PocketNow
The Future of TV Has Many Screens - Marc Chacksfield, TechRadar
Cars Should Be Safe, Legal and Rare - Charles Davis, Vice
Three Big Ideas from Google's Phone No One's Talking About - Wired
I Automated My Home. It Was Creepy - Alexis Fitts, Popular Mechanics
Can This Phone Kill Google's Nexus? - Richard Lai, Engadget
The Truth About Cyber Crime - Bree Fowler, Associated Press
Superhuman Powers = Superhuman Problems - Stu Robarts, Gizmag
How Weaponized Click Bait Conquered the Web - Casey Newton, The Verge
The Secret History of Life Hacking - Nikil Saval, Pacific Standard
The Japanese Poop Better Than We Do - Seth Stevenson, Slate
Tuesday, April 22
5 Ways Microsoft Is Making Your PC Smarter - Mark Hachman, PC World
What to Expect in iOS 8 - Lisa Eadicicco, Business Insider
Coding Needs to Be Mandatory in Schools - Tim Bajarin, PC Magazine
What We Know About the Netflix Price Hike - Joan Solsman, CNET
Isaac Asimov's Predictions, 50 Years On - Kim Gittleson, BBC News
4 Reasons We'll Never Cut Facebook Loose - Ryan Dube, Make Use Of
Facebook's Double Vision - Charlie Warzel, BuzzFeed
Why Google Is Sending Phones Into Space - Olga Kharif, BBW
AT&T's Fiber Internet Is Just BS - Karl Bode, DSLReports
Future Travel Has a Sci-Fi Feel - Daisy Carrington, CNN
Why Your Favorite Show Keeps Breaking the Internet - F. Morris, TNW
What Apple Needs to Do with Wearables - Alex Le, Venture Beat
The Silk Road Isn't Dead. It's a Movement - Joseph Cox, Motherboard
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Monday, April 21
Technology's Most Audacious Projects - Chris Smith, TechRadar
Aereo Is Not Just About TV, Broadcasters Could Kill the Cloud - ARS T
Why I Find Google So Alarming - Mathias Dopfner, The Guardian
Who Makes the Best Smartphone, Period? - Farhad Manjoo, New York Times
Apple, It's Time to Add This to iOS 8 - Grant Brunner, ExtremeTech
Are OLED TVs Doomed? - Sean Captain, Tom's Guide
Nokia's HERE HD Maps Put Google on Notice - Chris Davies, SlashGear
This Could Be a Big Deal for Sony - Ross Rubin, CNET
3 Privacy Intrusions You Shouldn't Worry About - Mike Elgan, CW
BitTorrent May Just Revolutionize Cloud Storage - Jack Smith, BetaBeat
Google, the Unelected Superpower - Katherine Rushton, Daily Telegraph
Why HTML5 Is Going to Kill Off Flash This Year - Erika Trautman, TNW
The Eight Tribes of Vinyl Collector - Jim Connolly, BBC News
5 Cool Features Amazon Could Offer in Its Phone - Mae Anderson, AP
Watch:  When cars got their first phones.
Sunday, April 20
Why There Will Be a Robot Uprising - Patrick Tucker, Defense One
10 Secrets from Apple vs. Samsung - Gary Marshall, TechRadar
The Limits of Social Engineering - Nicholas Carr, Technology Review
It's Time to Kill Facebook and Start Over - Ashley Feinberg, Gizmodo
There Really Are Ghosts in Our Machines - Tom Brewster, BBC News
The Little Lies the Internet Tells You - Tim Wu, New Yorker
Our Collision with the Future - Thomas Frey, Futurist Speaker
Saturday, April 19
Silicon Valley Wants to Get Rich Off of Getting High - Mat Honan, Wired
The Rapture of the Nerds - Jessica Roy, Time
Robots of the Future Won't Look Like the 'Terminator' - A. Jeffries, Verge
Why Asimov's Laws Can't Save Us from Killer Robots - George Dvorsky, io9
We No Longer Know How Things Work. Welcome, AI - Robert Cringely, BN
The Road Designs That Trick Our Minds - Katia Moskvitch, BBC News
Sorry, 3D Printers Aren't 'The Next Big Thing' - Charlie Osborne, ZDNet
Where Failed Tech Products Come Back to Life - Greg Scoblete, RCT
Friday, April 18
Truth About Google: They're Desperate - M. Wohlsen, Wired
Should We Fear the 3D Printed Gun? - Glenn Reynolds, Popular Mechanics
Why You Need to Take a Second Look at Windows - Dan Ackerman, CNET
Thanks For Wrecking the Web, Uncle Sam - Julia Angwin, ProPublica
Buttons? They're Dead - Evan Wade, The Push
Get Ready, 3D Printing's Going into Overdrive - Jamie Carter, TechRadar
Microsoft Finally Did It: They Whupped Google Docs - Preston Gralla, CW
Facebook's Friend Problem - Ellis Hamburger, The Verge
This Is the Next Step in Your Loss of Privacy - Parmy Olson, Forbes
Why Doesn't Every Device Have This Feature?! - Joe Levi, PocketNow
Aereo and the Future of TV - Anick Jesdanun, Associated Press
The Epic Journey to Rescue Star Trek's Bridge - Cyrus Farivar, Ars T
Watch: Apple CarPlay Up Close.
Thursday, April 17
10 Buried TV Settings You've Must Know About - Geoffrey Morrison, CNET
Project Ara Will Change the Way You See Smartphones - TechHive
11 Awesome Apps You Can't Get For Your iPhone Right Now - Biz Insider
How to Do Damn Near Everything with the Samsung Galaxy S5 - CNET
A Secret Swipe for Navigating in iOS 7? - Christina Bonnington, Wired
An Amazon Phone for Everyone--FREE! - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
Marissa Mayer's Secret Plan to Get Apple to Dump Google - Re/Code
The Best (and Worst) Comebacks of All Time - Noah Davis, Men's Journal
The Dude-Skewering Tequila Ad That Has a Delicious Twist - Mashable
7 Heartbleed Myths Debunked - Adriana Lee, ReadWrite
4/17/2014: The 5 Best Smartwatches Right Now - Alex Colon, PC Magazine
The Future of Facebook Might Not Exactly Say 'Facebook' - NY Times
Could Pinterest Kill Ol' Man Google? - Lauren Orsini, ReadWrite
Wednesday, April 16
6 Social Media Mistakes That Will Kill Your Career - S. Florentine, CIO
The Best (and Worst) Predictions from the 1964 World's Fair - AP
14 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World - Michell Zappa, BI
The Plot to Kill the Password - Russell Brandom, The Verge
Will Your Phone Give You Cancer? - Melaina Juntti, Men's Journal
The Rise and Fall of AOL Instant Messanger - Jason Abbruzzese, Mashable
Companies Want You to Wear Fitness Trackers - David Nield, Fortune
This Is NASA's Flying Saucer - Sebastian Anthony, Extreme Tech
Why Amazon Is Right to Stay Away from Bitcoin - Daniel Cooper, Engadget
Gadgets We'd Love to See Re-Engineered - Scott Gerber, The Next Web
How Your Phone Works in a Plane - Heather Kelly, CNN
High-Tech Home Theater for the Well-Heeled - Mike Snider, USA Today
Print Newspaper Generated By Robots. WTF - Mathew Ingram, GigaOm
Tuesday, April 15
Are Touch Screens Melting Your Kid's Brain? - Mat Honan, Wired
Microsoft's Killer App - Anick Jesdanun, AP
The Web Is a Ticking Time Bomb - Paul Ralph, The Conversation
Google, Airborn - Michelle Fitzsimmons, TechRadar
Windows Phone Has 5 Killer Features - Taylor Martin, PocketNow
Could Microsoft Hijack Android? - Tim Bajarin, PC Magazine
A Tale of Two iPhones - Rene Ritchie, iMore
The Cable Guys Are Too Darned Slow! - Bloomberg
Could We Really Upload a Brain? - Muehlhauser & Armstrong, Slate
Police Test 'Live Google Earth' to Track Us - Schulz & Pike, CIR
This 1981 Magazine Shows Our Terrible Tech Predictions - Time
Microsoft Has Just Built the New Blackberry - Simon Bisson, CITE World
This Is What Google Does with Your Gmail Messages - Greg Scoblete, RCT
The Tech That Could Charge Your Phone in 30 Seconds - Niv Lilien, ZDNet
Watch: When Kids See a Walkman, the Reaction Is Hillarious.
Monday, April 14
The Wonder Material of Tomorrow - Nick Bilton, New York Times
Everything You Own Will Be Hacked - Rachel Arndt, Popular Mechanics
We Need Phones That Won't Get Us Killed - Kevin Purdy, IT World
Phones Go Back to the Future - Natasha Lomas, TechCrunch
Why You Pirate 'Game of Thrones' - Ernesto, Torrent Freak
Why Do Expensive Cars Have Such Terrible UIs? - Geoff Teehan
Google Needs to Get Its Android Act Together - Chris Duckett, ZDNet
People Say the Craziest Things About Apple - Macalope, Macworld
How Windows 8.1 Offers Right UI on Any Device - Peter Bright, Ars T
Stop Complaining About the Internet Please - B. Gordon, Telegraph
How Many Apps Is Too Many? - Mike Elgan, CIO
How to Survive an Internet Apocalypse - Joshua Kopstein, New Yorker
These Are Some Recent Tech Fails. Be Thankful - Brian Hall, The Push
Watch: Top Five Reasons Not to Buy the Galaxy S5
Sunday, April 13
What If We Really Like Spam and Click-Bait? - Mathew Ingram, GigaOm
I Have Lived Underwater. Here's What It's Like - Rose Eveleth, BBC News
Is Apple's "Flat" Design Trend Already Passe? - John Brownlee, Co.Design
What Comes After the Quantum Computer? - Scott Aaronson, NOVA
Can This Startup Reinvent TV? - John Cook, Geekwire
The Amazing Future of Making Things - Dario Borghino, Gizmag
Three Ways You'll Pay for Things in the Future - RealClearTechnology

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