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Saturday, November 28
How the iPad Pro Can Get Millennials Hooked on iOS - Tim Bajarin, PCM
The OPM Data Breach Is Putting a Damper on My Thanksgiving - Slate
Shutting Down Jihadist Websites Won't Stop Terrorism - The Atlantic
8 Things You Can Do With 3D Touch on an iPhone - Chris Hoffman, HTG
9 Ways to Keep Your Windows Computer Safe - Lincoln Spector, PC World
Our Favorite Gadgets of the Year - Stern & Fowler, Wall Street Journal
Jeff Bezos And Elon Musk Throw Down On Twitter - S. Carpenter, Forbes
3D Printers Give Us a New Way to Think - Clive Thompson, Wired
Wednesday, November 25
What Google's New Search Algorithm Means to You - James Martin, CIO
Black Friday 2015's Top Tech Deals - Jay McGregor, Forbes
Ten Great Gifts for the Hacker in Your Life - Violet Blue, ZDNet
Survey: Hot Tech for the Holiday - Ben Bajarin, Techpinions
The Five Most Important Tech Advancements of 2015 - Computerworld
12 PS2 Titles We Want to Play Again on PS4 - Keith Stuart, Guardian
13 Gadgets Guaranteed to Make Your Thanksgiving Extra Weird - Wired
Microsoft Is Committed to Taking On Google - Max Slater-Robins, BI
Black Friday Gaming Deals - Kyle Orland, Ars Technica
A Field Guide to Civilian Drones - Nick Wingfield, New York Times
What's the Catch With Off Brand Prepaid Wireless Services? - CNET
These 3 Judges Hold the Fate of the Internet in Their Hands - WaPo
Artificial Intelligence: 10 Things To Know - Thomas Claburn, InfoWeek
Will Tornado Prediction Ever Improve? - Adrienne Lafrance, The Atlantic
How Much Is Your Personal Data Worth? - Sophie Curtis, Telegraph
Tuesday, November 24
The 29 Best Black Friday Tech Deals We've Found So Far - CNET
Yahoo Mail Ad-Block Ban Proves the Web Is Broken - Bill Snyder, CIO
Best Black Friday Apps - John Corpuz, Tom's Guide
First Look: Microsoft's Lumia 950 With Windows 10 Mobile - ZDNet
Inside the Sony Hack - Amanda Hess, Slate
Tech Titans Want to Be Masters of All Media We Survey - Joel Kotkin
Conservatives Should Embrace Encryption - Ryan Hagemann, RCTech
The Technology That Created a New Generation of Runners - Atlantic
Google+ Gets the Pivot of the Year - Mike Elgan, Computerworld
For Addicts, Fantasy Sites Can Lead to Ruinous Path - New York Times
The Curious Case Of The Cancelled LG Smartwatch - Paul Lamkin, Forbes
Yahoo Used to be the Most Important Internet Company - Wired
In Defense of Theranos - Micah Rosenbloom, TechCrunch
A Home Office Holiday Gift Guide - Eric Grevstad, PC Magazine
The US Crackdown on Not So Harmless Laser Strikes - Cyrus Farivar, Ars
Monday, November 23
Are Comcast and T-Mobile Ruining the Internet? - Zach Epstein, BGR
Here's Why You Shouldn't Go to the Store on Black Friday - CNET
Google and the Future of Apps - Jan Dawson, Techpinions
10 Essential Mac Utilities - Kirk McElhearn, Macworld
Why the iPad Pro Won't Replace Your Laptop - Chris Osterndorf, Daily Dot
The Pros and Cons of 5GHz WiFi 802.11ac - Joe Levi, PocketNow
Is Apple Planning to Take $8 Billion From Google? - Computerworld
Healthcare Not Keeping Up With Technology - Lynn Voss, Huffington Post
Kotaku, Blacklisting, and the Independence of the Gaming Press - Ars
What to Do About the Latest Ransomware Threats - R. Lemos, PC World
Inside Faraday Future, Tesla's Secretive Competitor - T. Warren, Verge
Updates Try to Breathe New Life Into Google+ - Matt Kapko, CIO
The Reality of Crime-Fighting Algorithms - H.V. Jagadish, Slate
Here's What Real 3D Touch Looks Like - Liz Stinson, Wired
Saturday, November 21
iPad Pro: Now My Only Travel Gadget - David Pierce, Wired
Windows at 30: A Visual Tour - Brad Chacos, PC World
Is Anonymous' War on ISIS Doing More Harm Than Good? - The Verge
What It Feels Like To Use Next-Level Virtual Reality - D. Beres, HuffPo
Why Retro Consoles Are About More Than Nostalgia - K. Stuart, Guardian
Qualcomm's Biggest Profit Engine Faces More Pressure - A. Tilley, Forbes
A Price Of Games Journalism - Stephen Totilo, Kotaku
Tech Probably Won't Save Christmas - Townsend & Boyden, Bloomberg
The Winners And Losers Of The Square IPO - Ryan Mac, Forbes
Let's Have an Argument About Encryption - Violet Blue, Engadget
Friday, November 20
Amazon's Ingenious Scheme to Undermine Black Friday - D. Alba, Wired
The Best Inventions of 2015 - Time
Windows Turns 30: A Visual History - Tom Warren, The Verge
Are PINs on the Way Out? - Katie Palmer, Telegraph
The Last Days Of Marissa Mayer? - Miguel Helft, Forbes
The Quest to Make Your Shoe a Power Source - Simon Parkin, Tech Review
Battle of the iPhone Inductive (Wireless) Qi Chargers - D. Gewirtz, ZDNet
What You Need to Know Before Buying a Smartwatch - Washington Post
Mining (And Learning) With The 21 Bitcoin Computer - John Biggs, TC
Fantasy Sports Inquiry Puts Spotlight on a Success for Yahoo - NYT
When 911 Operators Can't Find Their Callers - Alexis Fitts, The Atlantic
Insider Threats: 10 Ways To Protect Your Data - A. Froehlich, InfoWeek
Carnegie Mellon: We Didn't Get $1M to Hack Tor - Stephanie Mlot, PC Mag
15 Best Music Apps - Michael Andronico, Tom's Guide
10 New Features in Windows 10's First Update - Sarah Purewal, CNET
Thursday, November 19
Netflix Roars Back to Life - Paul La Monica, CNN Money
The Best Products of 2015 - PC Magazine
Amazon Reveals Its Black Friday Deals - Sarah Mitroff, CNET
The Best Set-Top Box You Can Buy - Lauren Goode, The Verge
Windows Phone's Grim Future - Agam Shah, PC World
How New Technology Secretly Slows Down the Economy - Nat. Interest
Pushbullet and the Dangers of Going 'Pro' - JR Raphael, Computerworld
5 Email Helpers You Need to Install Right Now - John Brandon, CIO
Some Common Sense on Data Encryption - Larry Downes, Washington Post
Screenless Wearables and New Means of Interaction - Techpinions
Rdio Always Struggled to Compete - Emil Protalinski, Venturebeat
The IoT and the Return of 8-Bit Computing - Simon Bisson, ZDNet
Wednesday, November 18
Amazon's 'Supreme Efficiency' - Sam Machkovech, Ars Technica
Microsoft, Once Infested With Security Flaws, Does About-Face - NYT
Why We Can't Stop Talking About Apple - Adam Lashinsky, Fortune
Too Many Gadgets? - Phil Baker, Techpinions
Cyber Security and Corporate Due Diligence - Robert Jones, RCTechnology
15 Things You Can Do with Siri on the Apple Watch - Matt Klein, HTG
Paris Attacks Reignite Debate Over Encryption Technology - Re/Code
Why Is Graphene the Miracle Material? - Carrie Poppy, Tech Times
The Emotional Uncanny Valley - Adam Elkus, Slate
China Is Becoming a Supercomputing Powerhouse - R. McMillan, WSJ
Star Wars and the Quest for the Forever Franchise - Adam Rogers, Wired
A Eulogy for Rdio - Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic
Are Steam Machines Dead on Arrival? - Sherri Smith, Tom's Guide
Islamic State Dominates the Digital Battlefield - Farah Pandith, BV
Can Digital Beat Physical Game Sales This Holiday Season? - Bloomberg
Why World Leaders Court Silicon Valley - Tim Bajarin, PC Magazine

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