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Friday, October 31
Cook Not Alone in Coming Out Party - Ramarko Sengupta, NDTV
Samsung to 'Fundamentally Reform' Smartphones - Vlad Savov, The Verge
F.C.C. Chairman Redefining 'Cable Operator'? - Edward Wyatt, NY Times
Q3 Earnings: Apple Clobbering Samsung - John Brownlee, Cult Of Mac
Video Ads Coming to Instagram Feeds - Devin Coldewey, NBC News
New Chief at Troubled Sony Mobile - Don Reisinger, CNET
Xiaomi Pushes Samsung, Apple - Angela Moscaritolo, PC Mag
HP Joins 3D Printer Market - Juthika Saha, FXC News
Inside Lenovo's Motorola Acquisition - Agam Shah, PC World
Microsoft's Android, iPhone Fitness Band - Rich Trenholm, CNET
Amazon Releases 39 Popular Apps Free - James Bell, Tiger Media Network
Thursday, October 30
Surface Pro 3: Why My Clamshell Laptop Is History - Ed Bott, ZDNet
May Windows 7 Forever Rot in Its Grave - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
Stephen Colbert Takes on Gamergate with Anita Sarkeesian - The Verge
A 'Smart' Deodorant Applicator: Armpits, Meet the Future - CNET
A Day w/ Project Ara, Google's Crazy Modular Phone - Mat Honan, Wired
The Reason Solar Dominates: It's Tech, Not Energy - Tom Randall, BB
The Last Thing We Ever Build? Machines That Make Machines - CNN
Meet OLX, the Biggest Web Company You've Never Heard Of - Fortune
Prepare for the Part-Time Self-Driving Car - Jonathan Gitlin, Ars Tech
The Chinese Phone That Looks Like an iPad Air - Aloysius Low, CNET
6 High-Tech Halloween Outfits That Are Way Too Much Work - RW
6 Expert Tricks for Getting the Best Candy This Halloween - Wired
3 Oculus Rift Apps That May You Go "Wow!" - Jack Clark, Bloomberg
Detroit's Stupid Plan to Kill Tesla Is...Stupid - Rob Enderle, Tech News
Even With The Novel Sprout, HP Just Can't Win - Matt Burns, TechCrunch
Wednesday, October 29
FTC Sues AT&T for Limiting Data Speeds - Roger Cheng, CNET
Google Working on Pill That Searches for Illnesses - AP
Lowe's Hires Customer Service Robots - Mae Anderson, USA Today
YouTube Considers Paid, Ad-Free Subscriptions - A. Oreskovic, Reuters
How Facebook Hurts Twitter's Stock - David Weidner , MarketWatch
A Quantum Internet Connected By Cargo Ships? - Saray Zhang, Gizmodo
Social Media Should be Taught in High School - Ronnie Charrier, Venture Beat
Americans Fear Being Hacked More than Murdered - C. Franzen, VentureBeat
Reserve's Restaurant Concierge App Pays Bill - Jon Fingas, Engadget
Map How People Anywhere Answer Questions - Betsy Mason, Wired
Kim Kardsahian's Blackberry Fixation - Karissa Bell, Mashable
Verizon News Site Will Ban Certain Stories - Patrick O'Neill, DailyDot
Tuesday, October 28
Beware: Ebola-Themed Emails - Nicole Perlroth, New York Times
Cook Takes on Alabama Over LGBT Rights - Jay Reeves, Washington Post
Apple Pay Squabbles Continue With Retailers - Bret Molina, USA Today
Microsoft Ramps Up Mobile Efforts - Don Reisinger, eWeek
Twitter Will Archive Twitpic - Stephanie Mlot, PC Mag
Bad In-Car Tech Plaguing New Cars - James R. Healey, USA Today
Facebook Shops Pub App - Jill Thompson, Wall Street OTC
Music Industry Struggles With Digi Tunes - J. C. Owens, SJ Mercury News
Holiday Price Slash for Xbox One - Marc Graser, Boston Herald
Amazon's Fire Stick Takes on Google, Roku - Joshua Brustein, Bloomberg
Monday, October 27
CVS, Rite Aid Reject Apple Pay - Tim Higgins, Bloomberg
Walmart's Attempt to Dodge Credit Card Fees - Josh Constine, TechCrunch
When iPhones Ring, the Economy Listens - Jeff Sommer, NY Times
Elon Musk Callls AI an Existential Threat - Shawn Langlois, MarketWatch
Samsung's Induction Stove Projects Virtual Flames - Dante D'Orazio, The Verge
Austin's Airport Uses Wi-Fi to Predict Wait Times - S. Lawson, IT World
Twitpic's Photos Aquired by Twitter - Adam Westlake, SlashGear
Facebook Changes How Users Consume News - Ravi Somaiya, NY Times
Bringing Competition to Internet Service - Joshua Breitbart, RealClearPolicy
The Dark World of Online Harassment - Doug Gross, CNN
Bill Gates and Paul Allen Throwback Photo - Nat Burgess, Geekwire
The Ugly Afterlife of Crowdfunding Projects - Casey Johnston, Ars Technica
Saturday, October 25
Why Amazon's Much-Hyped Phone Flopped - Alyssa Newcomb, ABC News
Ford CEO: We Could Make a Tesla-Beater - Chris Davies, SlashGear
Surface Pro 3 Selling Twice as Fast as the Pro 2 - Mark Hachman, PC World
Sprint's iPhone for Life Plan to Offer Yearly Upgrade - Roger Cheng, CNET
Going Beyond the PC and Tablet - Simon Bisson, ZDNet
Foursquare's Controversial Relaunch - Harrison Weber, Venture Beat
What Baseball and Startups Have in Common - John Cook, Geekwire
Startups Trying to Stop Pedestrian Deaths - Sean O'Kane , The Verge
The End of Human Driving Has Been Exaggerated - Doug Newcomb, PC Mag
Google Exec Shatters Skydiving Record - Mark Hachman, PC World
Can Video Games Fend Off Mental Decline? - Clive Thompson, NY Times
Stephen Hawking Joins Facebook - Issie Lapowsky, Wired
Friday, October 24
Apple Expanding Big in China, 25 New Stores - Andrea Chang, LA Times
Nokia on Upswing, Profits Back in Black - Sven Grundberg, Wall St. Journal
Will Google's 'InBox' Change Email Forever? - Alyssa Newcomb, ABC News
Ad-Free Social Net Ello Raises $5.5M - Mark Walsh, MediaPost
Facebook App for Common Interest Sharing - Jessica Guynn, USA Today
Consumers Yawning Over Health Tech Wearables - Stephanie Lee, SF Gate
Amazon Launching Web Hosting in Germany - Ellen E. Jervell, Nasdaq
Tablets Sales Slipping; Here's Five Reasons Why - Ben Taylor, Time
Banks That Will Support Apple Pay - Joe Rossignol, 9 to 5 Mac
PhotoMath: Homework Cheat App Red Hot - Henry Powderly, Newsday
Thursday, October 23
About This "iPad Is DOOMED" Foolishness... - Jonny Evans, CompWorld
Apple Is a Bit Like 'Hotel California' - Farhad Manjoo, New York Times
An Inbox On-Off Switch and 5 Other Smart Email Gadgets - Wired
Is Technology Taking the Romance Out of Weddings? - Huffington Post
Self-Driving Google Car May Never Leave the Garage - Lee Gomes, Slate
Just How Much Better Is Amazon's Kindle Voyage Screen? - Gizmodo
Watch the Trailer for 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' - Jacob Kastrenakes, Verge
D.C. Luddites Just Don't Get Technology - Alex Byers, Politico
Microsoft's Audacious Plans to Tighten Security w/ Windows 10 - ZDNet
What You'll Love & Hate About Windows 10 - Woody Leonard, InfoWorld
Yes, Dummy, You Need 2-Step Verification - Neil Rubenking, PC Magazine
Cashiers FAIL at Apple Pay & It's Totally Adorable - Susie Ochs, TechHive
This Photographer Had His Life Ruined by The Pirate Bay - Biz Insider
Is Technology Actually Making Us Any Smarter? - David Robson, BBC
Civilization: Beyond Earth Is Absolutely Stellar - Hayden Dingman, PCW
Wednesday, October 22
How to Use Apple Pay - Jill Duffy , PC Mag
These Are The Sleepiest Parts Of The Internet - Dan Moren, PopSci
Ballmer No Comment on Relationship with Gates - Todd Bishop, geekwire
FTC Names Privacy Expert as Chief Technologist - Brandon Bailey, SF Gate
Leeo Smart Night Light Gives Danger Alerts - Marco della Cava, USA Today
Simpsons' World Is Live - Alissa Walker, Gizmodo
Why Silicon Valley Must Join the Ebola Battle - Vivek Wadhwa, Venture Beat
Enphase Unites Solar Panels With the Smart Grid - Megan Wollerton, CNET
Internet TV Will Soon Be the Only TV - Marcus Wohlsen, Wired
Lewinsky Calls Herself 1st Internet Victim - Casey Johnston, Ars Technica
5 Ways to Get Consumers to Love Wearables - Belinda Lanks, BusinessWeek
HBO and CBS: Danger Lurks In The Stream - Art Brodsky, Huff Post
Tuesday, October 21
iPhone 6 a Record Breaker For Apple - Brian X. Chen, New York Times
Lenovo Bidding for BlackBerry? - Mark Blinch, Reuters
Microsoft's Nadella Admits Women's Pay Gaffe - Ben Fox Rubin, CNET
ESNet: Government's Secret Internet - Sebastian Anthony, ExtremeTech
iPad Variation Almost Heinz-Like, Up to 56 - Luke Jones, Mobile Burn
Kickstarter Rejects Anonymising Router Plans - Bill Thompson, BBC News
Air Bag Recall Danger to Millions - Tom Krisher, U.S. News &World Report
Device Resisting Ways Lead to Healthier Life - Jenna Wortham, NY Times
Google Piracy Fight Begins With Legit Links - Stephanie Mlot, PC Mag
Family Plans Embraced, Spotify the Latest - Joshua Brustein, Bloomberg

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