July 18, 2013

By 2030, Half of All Colleges Will Collapse

Thomas Frey, Futurist Speaker

AP Photo

In 1791 when Mozart died, his 29-year-old wife, Constanze Weber, was forced to earn a living, so she began selling her late husband’s manuscripts and turned the former messy paper scraps lying around the house into a tidy income stream. Lucky for her, she lived after Gutenberg’s printing revolution had begun in Europe allowing her to leverage the power of rapid reproducibility. Over time, the music industry has figured out many different formats for reproducing music, moving from sheet music, to Edison’s cylinder phonograph, to vinyl records, to 8-track tapes, and eventually to downloadable digital recordings. During those same 200+ years, colleges have done little to reproduce and distribute college courses, choosing instead to redo each college class, much like...

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