June 3, 2013

Here's the Tech That Will Get a Human to Mars

Adam Mann, Wired


While humans have dreamed about going to Mars practically since it was discovered, an actual mission in the foreseeable future is finally starting to feel like a real possibility. But how real is it? NASA says it’s serious about one day doing a manned mission while private companies are jockeying to present ever-more audacious plans to get there. And equally important, public enthusiasm for the Red Planet is riding high after the Curiosity rover’s spectacular landing and photo-rich mission.

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October 12, 2013
How to Use "Shells" to Terraform a Planet
Miriam Kramer, Space.com
One day, humans could re-make a world in Earth's image. Engineering an inhospitable world into a livable one, a process known as terraforming, could be a successful way to colonize another world after a long, interstellar... more ››