March 28, 2013

Does It All Lead Back to WikiLeaks?

John Dvorak, PC Magazine

AP Photo

According to reports, there's a beef between anti-spam operation Spamhaus and Cyberbunker, a Dutch Web host. Spamhaus claims Cyberbunker unleashed a barrage of spambots that is pounding the Internet at an alleged 300GB/s, apparently at enough choke points to slow everything down.

And by everything I mean everything. All companies are at risk, from smaller operations to bandwidth hogs like Netflix.

The allegation is that Cyberbunker is sick and tired of being abused by Spamhaus, which apparently blocks Cyberbunker's users. It assumes anything coming from the IP numbers specific to the domain is a spammer, which is obviously false. But, based on the purported Cyberbunker ...

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TAGGED: Hacker, Cyberattack, DDOS, WikiLeaks