February 20, 2013

100GbPS and Beyond: The Data Center of Tomorrow

David Strom, Ars Technica


The corporate data center is undergoing a major transformation the likes of which haven't been seen since Intel-based servers started replacing mainframes decades ago. It isn't just the server platform: the entire infrastructure from top to bottom is seeing major changes as applications migrate to private and public clouds, networks get faster, and virtualization becomes the norm.

All of this means tomorrow's data center is going to look very different from today's. Processors, systems, and storage are getting better integrated, more virtualized, and more capable at making use of greater networking and Internet bandwidth. At the heart of these changes are major advances in networking. We're going to examine six specific trends driving the evolution of the...

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October 17, 2013
Saving Our Data for the Post-Human Future
Ben Richmond, Motherboard
If you want to store information for a long time—like several thousand years—your best bet is still etching in stone. All the newcomers, dating back to paper and moving up through magnetic storage and DVDs, are... more ››