February 17, 2013

You Won't Believe John McAfee's Next Big Stunt

Mary O'Hara, Pando Daily

AP Photo

“Danger” Ehren McGehey is best known for being shot out of a cannon and having his front tooth yanked out by a car on the MTV series “Jackass.” Around here, he’s all that plus a local boy who made good, a McMinnville native who parlayed his movie and TV moola into a thriving bar business. He’s a wild-eyed, hard partying Irish kid with a penchant for doing incredibly stupid things while cameras roll. Who better to introduce John McAfee to the more colorful aspects of Portland?

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October 14, 2013
The Strange Life of John McAfee
Leo Kelion, BBC News
Who is the real John McAfee? He's the man who went on the run after his neighbour was found dead, face-up, with a bullet in his head. He's the man who jump-started the multibillion-dollar anti-virus industry. And now he thinks he... more ››