RealClearTechnology Morning Edition

Obama Is the First Cyber War President - Neal Ungerleider, Fast Company
The Malware-Industrial Complex - Tom Simonite, Technology Review
Our Smartphone Future May Be Short Lived - Roland Pease, BBC News
Stupid, Stupid Xbox! - Nat Brown, ILike.Code
An Apple Smart Watch? How Dumb - Simon Hill, Digital Trends
The Kinect Will Revolutionize Real Sports, Too - Erik Malinowski, BuzzFeed
Beating Amazon, Apple at e-Books - Danielle Kucera, Bloomberg BW
Apple Hates OLEDs, You Should Too - Joel Hruska, Extreme Tech
Hiding from Google and Facebook - Antone Gonsalves, ReadWrite
How Technology Has Changed Romance - Breeanna Hare, CNN
How the Internet Ruins Our Love Lives - Shaunacy Ferro, Popular Science
These Brooklyn Guys Build Spacesuits - David Feinberg, Motherboard

RealClearTechnology Afternoon Edition

The New York Times Can't Kill Electric Cars - Wayne Cunningham, CNET
How Range Anxiety Leads to Road (Trip) Rage - Chelsea Sexton, Wired
Apple Doesn't Care, That's Why It's Winning - Josh Constine, TechCrunch
Microsoft Gets Back on Track with the Surface - Tom Warren, The Verge
Microsoft's Surface Pro Shortage Sham - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
American Express Card: Don't Tweet Without It - Drake Bennett, BBW
The Google Guys Grow Up, But Not Apart - Miguel Helft, Fortune
Need Support for Gmail or Facebook? Good Luck - Matt Asay, ReadWrite
Why Is Opera Moving to WebKit? Because It Has To - D. Meyer, GigaOm

RealClearTechnology Reviews, Tips & How Tos

Driving the Tesla Model S in the Real World - Chris Ziegler, The Verge
Pebble Smart Watch: Functional & Doomed? - Edward Baig, USA Today
Mophie Boosts iPhone 5's Abysmal Battery - Peter Ha, Gizmodo
How the Nexus 4 Killed the iPhone for Me - Matt Baxter-Reynolds, ZDNet