February 11, 2013

Your TV Has a Communication Problem

Casey Johnston, Ars Technica

AP Photo

Smart TVs are the new fashionable thing for popular TV-manufacturing companies to push on consumers. But we’ve still yet to see a really compelling, easy-to-use product trotted out—from CES or anywhere else. The more rounds that smart TVs go on the shelves at electronics expos, the more they seem to suffer from the same fundamental problem: a failure to communicate, or more appropriately, a failure to receive communication. Internet-connected TVs that provide functionality beyond simple video displays have been on the agenda for nearly two decades by now. Despite the age of the technology and the fact new smart TVs piggyback on possibly the most prevalent non-essential household electronic device (tablets), they’ve still failed to become a compelling device.

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October 24, 2013
TV Can't Be Smart. Stop Trying to Make It Happen
Gary Myer, Wired
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