February 10, 2013

Email as a Problem With a Possible Solution

Boris Van Zanten, The Next Web

AP Photo

At The Next Web we don’t just write about new technology. We also develop our own services. Examples are PressDoc, Paydro and Twitter Counter. This is a story about a new little project, with a rather ambitious goal, we are currently working on.

A few months ago I read an inspiring post by Paul Graham in which he offered a few ‘Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas‘. One of them was a proposal to ‘Replace Email’. As Graham explains:

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I've been struggling to think of a technology that we all use that is more broken than email.I can't think of one. Email is the pinnacle of broken yet-we-all-need-it-every-single-day technology.It seems to me that all the other... more ››
October 15, 2013
Can the Feds Break the Web's Security System?
Kashmir Hill, Forbes
Wired has called it a “landmark privacy case” in a post that features a prominent photo of Edward Snowden. But the Lavabit case isn’t really about Snowden at all. Ladar Levison was willing to hand over whatever the... more ››