February 4, 2013

Obama Must Face the Rise of the Robots

Edward Luce, Financial Times

AP Photo

Early in his first term Barack Obama joked that he would “keep an eye on the robots in case they try anything”. He should have known resistance is futile. During Mr Obama’s presidency, IBM’s Watson has proved computers can outfox the most agile minds, drones have become America’s weapon of choice, the driverless car is now a reality and the word “app” has been detached from its origin. No longer the realm of science fiction, the rise of robots now poses the central economic dilemma of the Obama era. With each month, the US economy becomes steadily more automated. In January the US economy added just 4,000 manufacturing jobs, and the net increase since July is zero. Yet last month, manufacturing activity rose by its fastest rate since April,...

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October 23, 2013
Campaign to Stop Killer Robots Not Going Well
Brian Merchant, Vice
Earlier this month, the US military invited robotics companies out to Fort Benning to demonstrate the latest robotic warfare tech. The star attraction was a wheeled, remote-controlled, machine gun-toting robot that could use... more ››
October 23, 2013
Will Machines Ever Think?
Lisa Jardine, BBC News
In the early 1950s, "machine intelligence" was a favourite topic among those who wanted to put the war years behind them and look forward to a sparkling science-led future. From robots to electronic brains, the idea was that... more ››
October 21, 2013
The Robot That Will Kill Starbucks
Christopher Mims, Quartz
Starbucks’ 95,000 baristas have a competitor. It doesn’t need sleep. It’s precise in a way that a human could never be. It requires no training. It can’t quit. It has memorized every one of its... more ››
October 19, 2013
Building the Robots of Mars
John Timmer, Ars Technica
After getting off the subway at 34th Street, I headed west past Macy's and continued walking as the storefronts gradually gave way to office towers. As the Hudson came into view, I stepped into a generic office building and... more ››