RealClearTechnology Morning Edition

Unseen, the Cyber War Has Begun - Bob Violino, InfoWorld
Netflix's Quest: To Become HBO - Nancy Hass, GQ
It's Now Do or Die for BlackBerry - Scott Martin, USA Today
The Paper Electronics Revolution - Andrew Steckl, IEEE Spectrum
Gun Makers Embrace 3D Printing - Henry Fountain, New York Times
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Stop 'Terminator' From Becoming Real - Wendell Wallach, Ethical Tech
I Fought the Cord and the Cord Won - Lex Friedman, Macworld
Your Digital Life When You're Dead - Scott Sterling, Digital Trends
Google's Plan to Hurt Amazon Is Working - Marcus Wohlsen, Wired
Can You Delete Yourself from the Web? - Polina Polishchuk, Venture Beat

RealClearTechnology Afternoon Edition

Inside BlackBerry's Last Stand - Jessi Hempel, Fortune
Blackberry Comes Back form the Dead - Rich Jaroslovsky, Bloomberg
Sorry, Blackberry. Apple Has Won the War - Willard Foxton, Telegraph
Do Not Buy a 128GB iPad - Matt Baxter-Reynolds, ZDNet
Is the Core of Apple's OS X Rotting from Within? - Joel Hruska, ExTech
Forget Big Data. Pay Attention to 'Long Data' - Samuel Arbesman, Wired
Why Do Americans Hate Technological Change? - D. Sobotta, ReadWrite
How Vine Satisfies Its Need for Speed - John Pavlus, Technology Review
Will 'Hopper' Change Television Forever? - John Dvorak, PC Magazine
Market Is Doing Just Fine without Apple - Roben Farzad, Bloomberg BW

RealClearTechnology Reviews, Tips & How Tos

MS Office Finds a Place in the Cloud - Katherine Boehret, WS Journal
The Most Powerful Portable Computers Today - Kimber Streams, The Verge
Acer's Quirky Iconia W700 Hybrid - Christopher Null, Wired