RealClearTechnology Morning Edition

The Laptop/Tablet Hybrid Will Never, Ever Work - Adrian Covert, Fortune
At $1,018*, The Surface Pro Is Priced Just Right - Matt Burns, TechCrunch
Requiem for a Motherboard - David Zax, MIT Technology Review
Why Won't Crapware Crap Out Already? - Farhad Manjoo, Slate
The Last Temptation of Michael Dell - Roben Farzad, Bloomberg BW
A Microsoft/Dell Partnership Changes the World - Antone Gonsalves, RW
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Quora Goes Beyond Q&A with Blogs - Harry McCracken, Technologizer
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RealClearTechnology Afternoon Edition

How Larry Page Made Google Beautiful - Bohn & Hamburger, The Verge
Facebook, Google Are Strangling Our Internet - Justin Fox, The Atlantic
I Got Hacked -- And So Can You - Ryan Bradley, Fortune
Obvious, Hidden Secrets of Apple's Performance - Kate MacKenzie, Mac360
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Is This the Start of an Asteroid Mining Rush? - The Economist
Just How Powerful Will Next-gen Consoles Be? - Jeremy Laird, TechRadar
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Give Americans Fast Broadband Now! - Susan Crawford, New York Times
The Road to BlackBerry 10 - Ben Woods, ZDNet

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