RealClearTechnology Morning Edition

The Impending Windows XP & IE8 Crisis - Troy Hunt
Google vs. the Press: Google's Losing - Frédéric Filloux, Monday Note
The Web Is Redefining Human Identity - Pallab Ghosh, BBC News
How MIT Ensnared a Hacker - Noam Cohen, New York Times
Danger of the One-Click Impulse Buys - Nick Bilton, Bits Blog
The Connected Age Changed Photography - Joerg Colberg, CE
Eric Schmidt's North Korea Recap - Glen Tickle, GeekoSystem
Design Like No One Is Patenting - It Works - Tim Maly, Wired
College Hacker Points Out Security Flaw, Gets Expelled - Ethan Cox, NP
Carmen Ortiz's Sordid Rap Sheet - Christian Stork, WhoWhatWhy
Music Survey: Users Who 'Steal' More Buy More - Timothy Lee, Ars
The Fall of a Giant: Atari U.S. Files Bankruptcy - Ben Fritz, LA Times

RealClearTechnology Afternoon Edition

The Future of the iPhone - Matthew Bolton, TechRadar
Amazon Plans to Sell You Next - Jessica Leber, Technology Review
Is Google the New 'Think Different?' - Darcy Travlos, Forbes
How the FBI Spies on You - Higgins & Timm, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Apple Forced Google's Hand in Smartphones - Matt Asay, ReadWrite
New Uses Popping Up for NFC Tech - Shara Tibken, CNET
Netflix Must Evolve or Be Irrelevant - Jeff Kleist, Technology Tell
Technology Is Ruining TV Watching - Jeremy Toeman, GigaOm
5 Things to Know About Working at a Startup - Elli Sharef, Venture Beat
Is a 4K TV in Your Future? - The Economist

RealClearTechnology Reviews, Tips & How Tos

Delete Your Mac's Hidden Download Log - Michael McConnell, Macgasm
App that Keeps Taxi Drivers Honest - Todd Bishop, GeekWire