RealClearTechnology Morning Edition

Hey PCs: Stop Being So Damn Touchy-Feely - Brian Proffitt, ReadWrite
All Our Gadgets Are Breaking the Internet - David Talbot, MIT Tech Review
Apple Still Casts a Long Shadow Over CES - Alexandra Chang, Wired
In Defense -- More or Less -- of CES - Harry McCracken, Time
PC Gaming Is Breaking Free from Your Desktop - Alex Wawro, PC World
Why the UN's Push to Control the Internet Isn't Over - Joe Mullin, Ars
Separating the Siamese Twins of Tech - Miyoung Kim, Reuters
Bringing the Calendar Up to Date - David Pogue, New York Times
Yahoo: One Year After Getting Google-ified - Kara Swisher, All Things D
Guess Who's Trying to be Netflix Now - Om Malik, GigaOm
Move Over Apple & Amazon, Polaroid's Here! - Dan Graziano, BGR
How Mark Zuckerberg Shadily Donated $100M - Anya Kamenetz, FC
Government-Subsidized Unemployed Entrepreneurs - Nick Leiber, BBW

RealClearTechnology Afternoon Edition

It Could Be Too Late for Tech to Save SF - Ken Layne, The Awl
Who Controls Where the Internet Goes? - Milton Mueller, IGP
Microsoft's Amazing Living Room Holodeck - Harrison Webber, TNW
Google Earth Maps North Korean Gulag - Paul Eckert, Reuters
Are DDoS Attacks Just Protests? - Dara Kerr, CNET News
Valve's Gabe Newell on the Future of Gaming - Sottek & Warren, Verge
Selling Blogging for Millions but Who's Buying? - Matthew Ingram, PC
Making Money With Free Online Education - Ki Mae Heussner, Wired
The Billion Dollar Roots of Journalism - Hamish McKenzie, PD
Google's Half a Billion Dollar Wind Farm - Frederic Lardinois, TC

RealClearTechnology Reviews, Tips & How Tos

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