January 9, 2013

What's on TV at CES?

David Zax, MIT Technology Review

AP Photo

In the tidal wave of gadget-related news coming out of CES today, some of the most interesting currents have had to do with television.

First, there’s the hardware, pure and simple. Most people are going gaga over the massive 4K OLED displays being announced; both Sony and Panasonic have presented such sets. (For a quick refresher on 4K, which essentially means a TV has incredibly high resolution, see this earlier post of mine. And for a refresher on OLED tech–and its expense–see “ Read Full Article ››

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October 16, 2013
RIP Television. Hello Mobile Gaming
Kevin Chou, Fortune
Few TV series finales have come close to the cultural phenomenon "Breaking Bad," which in the U.S. ended its five-season run on September 29. It seemed like everyone was watching the show; the viewership numbers for the... more ››