January 3, 2013

Windows 8 Tablet Launch... Fail

George Ou, InformationWeek

AP Photo

Six months ago I extolled the virtue of Win8 tablets; and today I have to eat crow. From overpriced hardware to buggy drivers and half-designed Operating System (OS), I could not have imagined worse execution by Microsoft, Intel and the OEMs at a worse time. While I was pessimistic about the Windows 8 launch because Microsoft forced the Metro touch interface on non-touch devices, I held out hope for the new touch and battery optimized tablets running Windows 8. This wasn't the Windows-incompatible Windows RT OS but the full Windows 8 experience running on Intel's new breed of Atom "Clover Trail" processors that can compete with ARM based processors on battery life while dominating CPU performance (benchmarks here). But the launch of Windows 8 tablets has so far failed miserably and it...

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