December 28, 2012

Are Tablets Now Disposable?

Jason Perlow, ZDNet

AP Photo

A couple of weeks go by. My wife enjoys using her new toy without incident. In this case, it was the Nexus 7 I bought and reviewed over the summer. I had my fun with it, and I enjoyed it for a few months, but I recently picked up the Samsung Nexus 10 to use as my new travel device. My romances with mobile devices are fleeting. There's always a new one to play with. However, this is not the case with spouses. Replacing a spouse is a lot more expensive. The problem with my wife is that she falls asleep in bed with her stuff. Cellphones, tablets, eyeglasses, TV remotes, doesn't matter. Before I go to bed, I put my stuff away in the cubby space in our headboard or in my nightstand dresser drawer, and if I have a chance, I also put her stuff away.

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